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1 SOUND Cannon C8 Loudspeaker Launched

1 SOUND has introduced its new Cannon C8, a coaxial loudspeaker that concludes the Cannon Series of point source speakers.


1 Sound’s Cannon Series: C5, C4i, C6 and the new C8.
1 Sound’s Cannon Series: C5, C4i, C6 and the new C8.

New York, NY (February 6, 2023)—1 SOUND has introduced its new Cannon C8, a full-range, high-fidelity coaxial loudspeaker that joins the company’s Cannon Series of point source speakers that have extended low-frequency for their size.

This particular model utilizes an 8-inch driver with a coaxially mounted 1” silk dome high-frequency element and has a 7-inch rear-facing passive radiator specifically tuned to extend bass frequencies. Instead of using a compression driver, the Cannons’ silk dome driver is specifically designed with the intention of providing high sound pressure, improved sound quality and cooling for the driver.

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The C8 offers a bandwidth of 55 Hz – 18 kHz and a maximum SPL of 120 dB. It sports two Speakon connectors and a 2-circuit switch, allowing for a choice of 2 mixes with a 4-wire cable. Built 10 inches wide and tall from Finland birch ply (phenolic glue), polyurea, clear matte salt and UV resistant coating, the loudspeaker, like all 1 SOUND loudspeakers, is IP55 indoor/outdoor rated and saltwater resistant. The C8 is available in an install version and also has custom colors and wood finishes available. A variety of accessories are available for the C8, including a C-Clamp (wall, truss, mic stand, ceiling mounting), Universal Mounting Plate, Pole Mount Adaptor and L-Bracket.