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Odds On Recording Studios Announces Makeover, Expansion

Las Vegas' Odds On Recording Studios is getting a $2 million-plus, 7,000-square-foot makeover

From left: Ted Joseph, Wally Simmons, Sean O’Dwyer, Bob
Ferrari, Kirk Elliot and James “Bonzai” Caruso

Las Vegas’ Odds On Recording Studios is getting a $2 million-plus, 7,000-square-foot makeover, adding new mix room, a new 1,500-plus-square-foot tracking room, an SSL Duality console with 96 inputs and a remodeled client lounge. Artists such as Akon, T.I., Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell and Huey Lewis have done sessions at Odds On this year. Recently, Alicia Keys’ engineer, Ann Mincelli, stopped in to mix a live track of “Superwoman” for the WNBA playoffs.

The studio is rolling out the expansion in three phases. The new main room featuring the Duality console will open in early December, followed by a new mixing room featuring the studio’s 80-input SSL 9000 K console. The revamped “C” room, designed specifically for writing, pre-production and editing, will open in early February and will offer a newly acquired SSL Matrix console. A new mastering room is expected to open later in the month.

Bob Ferrari, the studio’s head of audio production and development, says that besides the main rooms, Odds On Recording Studios both control rooms are wired to extra warehouse space. “So if you want to record in an acoustically wild cement warehouse area, you can just plug in and get a big concert hall, John Bonham–sounding vibe with all the live reverb crunch you would expect in such a space.”

Odds On Recording Studios has also teamed up with David Bock of Bock Audio to fully restore its large collection of vintage tube microphones, which includes models by Neumann, AKG and Gefell, and was once housed at legendary RPM Studios in New York City.

Bob Ferrari (left) and James “Bonzai” Caruso display mics from Odds On Recording’s vintage mic collection

“As microphones age,” Ferrari says, “the tubes and capsules wear out and need to be cleaned. David will be bringing them up to new standards and restore them to their full working condition. His work is a cut above the rest. His attention to detail is flawless, and his respect for returning the microphones to original working condition is astonishing. I have worked with David for many years and all of his mics, from Soundelux to Bock Audio, are the best on the market.

“Both in hip-hop, rock and with the popularity of programs like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, we’re seeing an upswing by young musicians towards using more live instruments,” Ferrari continues. “We wanted to expand Odds On Recording now to capitalize on this great resurgence and are committed to being part of the future of the music industry. The most exciting aspect of expanding our world-class facility is that we will not only continue to attract superstar talent, but also be able to cultivate new artists for our Odds On label in these very rooms.” Ferrari says that he, Grammy Award–winning mixer and engineer James “Bonzai” Caruso and multi-Platinum engineer Sean O’Dwyer “work together like a creative think tank. We all have different backgrounds and experiences, but the chemistry we have together makes for great recordings.

“The studio-label tie-in captures that classic big studio, boutique record label feel like A&M had in the ’70s, where everyone is working on the same property,” Ferrari concludes. “Combining this stunning array of new and vintage equipment along with a warm aesthetic that helps our clients get into their creative space while exciting the senses, Odds On Recording is on the cutting edge of what recording studios should be, not only in Las Vegas but around the world.”

For more information, contact Bob Ferrari via e-mail at [email protected] or visit