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POP Sound Purchases AMS Neve DFC Gemini Console

POP Sound in Santa Monica, Calif. will install a new, 40-fader AMS Neve DFC Gemini digital mixing console in Studio A, which is used by renowned audio mixer and editor Ted Hall. Hall will use the console for projects that include 5.1 and 6.1 remixes, as well as restorations of classic films and contemporary music videos. The facility, which is part of the global Ascent Media family, owns 11 other AMS Neve consoles.

“I love the architecture and the layout of the Gemini console, and this is a great transition from the Logic 2 console that I’ve used for a long time,” says Hall. He is currently working on a 5.1 surround remix of U2’s PopMart: Live from Mexico City performance video and a 6-channel surround restoration of the Steve McQueen film classic The Sand Pebbles. Other upcoming projects include several Mark Knopfler live music videos and several more classic films from the vaults of Paramount Pictures.

“I can do all my work in 96 kHz now, while the advanced automation on the DFC Gemini gives me an enormous amount of flexibility,” Hall continues. “And the AMS Neve EQ and compressors that I’ve always loved are still right there, so the sound is everything you’d expect from an AMS Neve. That’s enhanced by the interface of the Gemini, which puts everything right there in front of you. You can see four separate layers from a single fader, and the TFT displays are clear and easy to work with for long sessions. AMS Neve really came through with the Gemini’s sound and design.”

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