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Product Hits from AES 2016

New Product News from the Show Floor

There were a lot of new audio products for a relatively small show, so let’s get right to it.

Coming in both rack and 500 Series format, the RSPQ2 from AEA features a new look with custom knobs and color, front-panel ¼-inch direct inputs, post-mic and pre-EQ inserts, switchable phantom power, polarity, and mic/line mode with corresponding LED indicators, 81dB of clean gain, and 63k-ohm XLR input.

Avid Pro Tools 12.6 brings solid new features that will change workflows for all users. There is a new shortcut for auditioning playlists, advanced and quick fade editing, and clip-based processing, which for starters includes dedicated, real-time EQ and dynamics taken directly from the Euphonix S5 console. There is also layered editing meaning laying clips over clips is nondestructive if they’re removed—clips below remain intact. An SDK is available for third-party developers.

Audio-Technica ATM350D Drum Mounting System

API debuted its Legacy AXS analog console, with the first board sold off the show floor to Strange Weather in Brooklyn. Legacy AXS returns to a 1.5-inch module width, allowing for 500 Series EQs on a per-channel basis, access to two API 200 Series slots, and a new center section for 5.1 monitoring. API entered the pedal market with the release of Tranzformer LX Bass Pedal, incorporating API circuitry and combining an API 525 feedback-type compressor with a bass-optimized 3-band equalizer, both independently in/out switchable.

The M5P passive mastering monitor bowed upstairs in Dynaudio’s listening suite. Features include a 5-way crossover feeding 4×7-inch woofers, 2×5-inch midrange cones and 2x28mm tweeters with crossover frequencies at 290 Hz, 480 Hz, 2.2 kHz and 8.5 kHz. The frequency response covers 28 Hz to 25 kHz, and the speakers are capable of handling up to 550 watts at 4 ohms.

Avid Pro Tools 12.6

Radial Engineering showed a range of products including the LX2 and LX3 line splitter/attenuator allowing users to send a single source to two different destinations at once without noise, and the ability to attenuate the input signal and tame hot outputs (LX2 only). Also bowing is the Studio Q desktop talkback system and the JDX Direct-Drive that simulates the sound of a guitar amplifier while doubling up as a direct box.

BAE announced the shipping of its G10 500 Series graphic EQ and a new guitar pedal, Hot Fuzz. The unit is a dual-stomp effects pedal that combines the power of a classic top boost with a premium ’70s-style fuzz.

Focusrite RedNet Control 2.0

Shure announced the introduction of a 50th Anniversary model of the SM58 featuring a new finish and look. The company also shared that the Microflex Advance Ceiling (MXA910) and Table (MXA310) Array microphones are now shipping.

Sennheiser unveiled the HD 280 PRO headphones with a THD of 0.1% with detailed, linear reproduction spanning a frequency response of 8 to 25,000 Hz. The headphones feature a single-sided, coiled cable with 3.5 mm/6.3 mm plug and impedance of 64 ohms ensuring universal connectivity.

Radial Studio Q

Audio-Technica released its new and upgraded ATM350a microphone systems. Options include the AT8492D Drum Mounting System (5-inch Gooseneck); AT8492PL Magnetic Piano Mounting System (9-inch Gooseneck); AT8492U Universal Clip-on Mounting System (5-inch Gooseneck); AT-8492UL Universal Clip-on Mounting System (9-inch Gooseneck) and AT8492W Woodwind Mounting System (5-inch Gooseneck).

The Abbey Road Vinyl plug-in from Waves features the ability to move the location of the tone arm across the record, changing the frequency response and distortion like in the real world. You can also add vinyl noise and crackle, apply a gradual slow-down/stop turntable effect, and add wow and flutter effects for extra analog warmth.

QSC TouchMix-30 Pro

Focusrite announced the Red 8Pre interface with eight Air-enabled preamps and 64×64 I/O, plus the new RedNet Control 2.0 with the ability to control up to 600 RedNet devices in total, representing up to 9,600 Dante audio channels.

The Astel and Kern AK300 portable, high-end recorder features twin balanced inputs, preamps with phantom power, and support for 32-bit/384KHz PCM up to double-rate, 5.6MHz DSD. Also onboard are 64GB internal flash storage and a single microSD card slot for up to 200GB of additional storage memory. Multiple units can be strapped together for multichannel live capture.

Shure SM58 50th Anniversary mic

Ocean Way Audio debuted the HR3.5 Reference Monitor featuring a two-way dual- horn system with a 1-inch HF and 8-inch MF drivers, mechanically time-aligned with twin 12-inch sub-bass drivers per channel. Three built-in amplifiers feature analog and digital inputs, 96kHz/24-bit sampling, and tri-amped 3,400 watts per channel of pure power.

Neutron is a new plug-in from iZotope featuring Track Assisting with automatic instrument detection for vocals, dialog, guitar/ instruments, bass, and drums. Processors include a static or dynamic EQ, Compressor with modern and vintage modes, a threemode Transient Shaper, Exiter, and Limiter.

Antelope is offering new hardware-based FPGA effects for its range of I/Os. Models include NEU-W492 and NEU-W495 equalizers, and four new 4K series models including VEQ-4K Orange, VEQ-4K Pink, VEQ-4K Black and VEQ-4K Brown.

Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 Reference Monitor

Genelec displayed its 8351 three-way Smart Active Monitor powered by Class-D amplifiers for the bass (150 W) and midrange (120 W) drivers, with a discrete (90 W) Genelec-designed Class-A/B amplifier for the tweeter.

Bose had its new ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers in the booth featuring three models (5/10/20-degree vertical) offering a compact two-way design including four improved Bose EMB2S compression drivers and two proprietary Bose 8-inch neodymium woofers.


Soundelux shared the news of the purchase of the Soundelux name for featured products. New at the show, the Soundelux U195 cardioid FET P48 microphone featuring a new K67 capsule while maintaining the famously innovative “FAT” switch low-frequency control and its unparalleled massive output transformer.

QSC introduced the TouchMix-30 Pro 32-channel digital mixer with 32 mixing channels (24 Mic/Line, 6 Line, Stereo USB), 16 outputs, and signal management for a wide range of applications. Other features include a large (10-inch) multitouch touchscreen, anti-feedback and room tuning wizards, two real-time analyzers, touch-and-route patch matrix, and eight subgroups with 6-band full parametric EQ.

SSL Nucleus2 controller

SSL showed its Nucleus2 controller featuring talkback, SSL console-grade mic preamps, and a new USB sound card. Also onboard are high-quality motorized faders, metal chassis, big weighty jog wheel, land heavy-duty transport buttons.

Independent Audio will now represent Jünger Audio’s broadcast tools, along with the CONEQ, a patented technology for the measurement and equalization of loudspeakers. Also in the booth was Thermionic Culture’s new Swift 2-channel tube equalizer, DACS Audio’s Clarity Headlite 3 headphone amplifier and FREQue II 2-channel ring modulator, and Sonifex AVN-GMCS PTPv2 Grandmaster Clock with GPS Receiver and AVN-TB Range of Talkback Intercoms Using Audio Over IP, RAVENNA/AES 67.

Telefunken direct boxes

ATC showed a new and affordable speaker, the SCM12 Pro. Features include a 25mm/1-inch soft-dome tweeter and ATC’s 150mm/6-inch proprietary CLD drive unit. Cone construction is courtesy of another proprietary ATC technology that represents another advance in driver design. Power comes via the 150 W/channel P1 Pro dual-mono power amplifier.

Apogee unveiled three premium Thunderbolt audio I/O boxes for Mac: the Element 24, Element 46 and Element 88, each with a different number of analog and digital I/O. Element introduces a new control ecosystem that features an advanced blend of software and hardware options.

Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ

Telefunken’s TDA-1 (mono) and TDA-2 (dual) active FET direct boxes employ discrete Class-A FET circuitry coupled with a high-quality transformer providing the perfect balance between clean, high-headroom performance and warm, saturated tone.