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Radial Engineering Announces PhazeQ 500 Series Module

Radial Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, announces the PhazeQ ($TBA) 500 Series phase adjustment tool that works as both a phase cancelling device and summing equalizer. Radial states that unlike other phase adjustment tools that are chip based or digitally created in the box, the PhazeQ features 100-percent discrete Class-A electronics that produce a richer, warmer sounding tone.

A variable phase control shifts the incoming signal from 0 to 180 degrees and then extends the effect to 360 degrees using a simple polarity invert switch. The blend control is set to 100-percent wet when the PhazeQ is used in tandem with another track. When used by itself, the blend is rotated counterclockwise to set the desired wet-dry signal mix. To further focus the effect, a variable lowpass filter allows the engineer to dial out high frequencies, thus only applying phase cancellation to the bottom end. Front panel on/off switches allow users to compare the phase and filter effects without having to reset dial positions.

Find out more about the Radial PhazeQ.