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Recording Drums Audio Downloads

Grado Vectored Array recording.

Recording made using four DPA 4061 omni
microphones through SSL preamps. The files are:

target=”_new”>GVA LB

(left back, left front, right back, right front). These should be
played back using four speakers set in a perfect square around the listening
position. Sample rate: 16-bit, 44.1, 16MB download.

Holophone Recording.

Recording made using the Holophone H2Pro using five DPA 4060 capsules. The files are:

Holo L,
Holo C ,
Holo R,
Holo LS,
Holo RS

(left, center, right, left surround and right surround). These can be played back in stereo or in surround. Sample rate: 16-bit, 44.1, 20MB download.

Skid Row, “18 and Life,” produced by Michael Wagener

Nashville-based session drummer Tony Morra worked with engineer Steve Marcantonio to devise his signature recording techniques. Click here to read Kevin Becka’s detailed account of Morra’s kit, mic selection and signal path, check out in-studio pics, and download an audio clip of Morra in action.

Evans Drumheads’ Website has some useful information for tuning lugs on drum heads. Read more here

Now that you know all about recording a drum kit, click here to read Blair Jackson’s feature on recording percussion.

Michael Cooper interviews engineers David Bianco, Ed Seay and David Thoener, who share their drum miking techniques, here.