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Rupert Neve Designs Launches Portico 5016

Rupert Neve Designs has launched the Portico 5016 ($1,195), a 2-channel device combining the RND 5012 microphone preamplifier with a DI, which may be used together or independently. A Variable Phase control allows the manual phase-alignment of the direct input source in relation to the microphone input signal.

The new 5016 is the sixth product to be introduced into the half-rackspace, 1U Portico Series. It features very short signal paths, minimal negative feedback and custom-designed transformers that, on the DI input, provide ground isolation and the virtual elimination of interference loops.

The independent DI input can select between a high impedance instrument or line-level source and provides up to 30 dB of gain. The Variable Phase control is said to enable the microphone input signal to be exactly phase-coherent when combined with the direct signal from a stringed instrument pickup or electronic keyboard. A front panel “Thru” jack socket provides independent access to the unprocessed instrument DI signal.

The microphone preamplifier section of the 5016 is identical to the Portico 5012’s and is designed to provide very low source loading, enabling modern, high-performance microphones to perform well on a wide variety of sources, from vocals to percussion instruments. The 5016 provides gain control from +72 dB to -6 dB via an accurate stepped rotary switch and an associated continuously variable trim control.

A continuously swept 12dB-per-octave highpass filter covering the frequency range of 20 to 250 Hz and the “Silk” circuit offer further control of source material. Switches for mute, phase reverse and 48-volt phantom power are also present on the front panel.

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