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AES New York 2019 Tunes Up New Electronic Instrument Design & Applications Track

— Track set to explore the rich history of electronic instrument design along with current and future possibilities in audio production, featuring three sessions with industry pioneer Dave Rossum —

New York, NY — Bringing a new sound and beat to modern music, the proliferation of electronic instruments kicked off a wave of fresh sounds and innovative audio creation workflows that continue to push the boundaries of music. From the storied beginnings of hip-hop and dance music, to the latest designs and production techniques, this year’s debut of the AES New York 2019 Electronic Instrument Design and Applications Track offers exclusive industry insights to attendees on Thursday, October 17, during the AES New York 147th International Pro Audio Convention. Featured panelist Dave Rossum, an electronic instrument design pioneer, will join in on several Track events, sharing his experience in designing technologies that led to some of the world’s most recognizable sounds.

“This year’s Electronic Instrument Design and Applications Track at the AES New York Convention celebrates the contributions made by innovative engineers working with various types of sound synthesis technologies,” states Electronic Instrument Design and Applications chair Michael Bierylo. “The field has changed in dramatic ways since Bob Moog presented his groundbreaking work Voltage-Controlled Electronic Music Modules at the 16th annual meeting of the AES in 1964. But, as illustrated by the current interest in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format, we see that technologies such as voltage control remain vital, much in the way that we still value analog audio processors and recorders. Additionally, we are excited to have Dave Rossum join us for this year’s inaugural track on electronic instrument design. He personifies excellence in all aspects of this field and is truly one of the unsung heroes, standing head and shoulders with pioneers such as Bob Moog, Don Buchla, Alan R. Pearlman, Dave Smith, Roger Linn and Tom Oberheim, to mention a few.’’

The morning begins with the session “Drum Machines, Groove-Boxes, and Tempo-Based Electronic Instruments,” where Bierylo will welcome Rossum and Dan Gill from AKAI Professional Products to the stage for a discussion of early production tools such as the Roland 808 and LinnDrum and their influences and vitality in the electronic instrument industry. Jayant Datta of Audio Precision follows with the session “Not Your Everyday Filters,” which will introduce and expose audio engineers to some less-common specialized audio filters that have interesting properties and audio applications.

Afternoon Electronic Instrument Design and Applications events include two panel discussions, beginning with “Modular Synthesizer Designs – From the Past to Future Directions,” where Bierylo will host a discussion with Andrew Ikenberry of Qu-Bit Electronix, Dan Green from 4ms and Rossum on the roots and future development of modular synthesis, from classic recreations to bold new designs, with many innovations coming from small, home-grown developers. The afternoon concludes with a special panel on “Embedded Computing and Instrument Design,” moderated by Paul Lehrman with Richard Graham, Denis Labrecque and Teresa Marrin Nakra joining previous panelists Ikenberry and Rossum, to share perspectives from both the research and independent builder communities on innovative use cases and future directions of the electronic instrument industry.

AES New York Electronic Instrument Design and applications events are only available with an All Access badge which grants attendees access to four full days of the Convention Technical Program and the three-day Exhibition – every opportunity for attendees to Listen, Learn, and Connect. Additional events taking place on the Electronic Dance Music and DJ Stage, along with AES Special Events, keynotes, and more are open to all registered attendees, including those opting for Exhibits-Plus registration, free when applying code “AES19NOW” at online registration checkout. All Access badges are available still available at Advance Registration discount pricing with AES Members and Students receiving significant savings. Find out more about AES New York 2019 and register now at