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And at don’t hospital

Ah all says to are simpletons at all of the women in the love and sees now, the man in the love is also silly to get unimaginable.

She if dislike him, how can follow him is the brocade all?How can and is he very much in love in the wagon?How can run to ask him once said words to calculate not to count now?

Is really stupid dead!He is still an east Yu king!Outside don't say rumours is he wise and farsighted to lead a person?Even these all see not and deeply and seriously doubt whether those hearsays all publicizees means ……

The son Yuan sees she smile thief Xi Xi, the burnt bright feeling of the in the mind is more very:"You ……."

"You kiss me for a while, I tell you!" Smoke thick the face raise head, she is modern people, the freedom is free, which be like those ancient persons bashful, pull a hands to all want to cover up of, dull!

The son Yuan is one Leng, but see the smiling face that she raises, the beautiful lips are frozen have some to deliver purple, wait him to warmth.

Smile an idea to slowly permeate into purple Mou, anyway this kind of directly warm and affectionate affair wasn't for the first time either to do, her this my daughter persons is all not afraid, have no reason he is an open man but have to be afraid.

Lower the head, malicious kiss her!

"H'm ……."Touching of warmth touched to get rid of to walk algidity, smoke satisfy the ground is stuffy to hum a , open on one's own initiative, with he the lips tongue mutually hand over, the extreme achievement ties up Mian.

Like this enthusiasm pours to let the son Yuan feel the back of the head that the surprise is matchless, hold her and emphatically and deeply kisses ……

Station fore before the hall of a see for person of gape.


Originally their Wang Ye is more fierce!

Originally smoke young lady's little bits to all be different from outward appearance to look so very shy!

Snow ground that is cold inside, unexpectedly enthusiasm is like fire.

What a big satisfied chance to enjoy seeing!

Ice Che pure throat, turn round help to see to that of with relish of the person say:"Ah, the weather is quite good, walk to walk today, I invite you to drink!"

Is strict the ground becoming black line of full face looking at him, all cold get the words all could not remembered clearly Chu and incredibly still said that the weather is quite good.

Is really a Zheng to wear eyes to tell a tall tale ……

And at don't hospital doorway, be covered with cloud of snow-white cape childe in the house but cold get whole body dither, it happened that guard the bodyguard of door to kill all not make him go in, also not intend to notify to be a , and he also absolutely can't leave so!

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Happy light~~~

Don't receive callers

Basic no one once tells him to will snowing today, and also the basic nobody tells him to will be so cold in winter!!

He still prepares handsome chicly appear at smoke in front, romantic and natural and unrestrained eastern Yu king to go under the ratio, result drive cold must tremble into one regiment, connect the hairs smoking didn't see 1!

Absolutely absolutely can't concede!

The drum drum that the cape in white is blown by the breeze of, make open in the breeze, the snowflake floats to fall, in addition to black hair, cloud Mo whole body up and down is all white, almost merge into an integral whole with university.

See ten inside the silver pack a vegetable to bind, the whole slice of earths all wanted to be an expanse of white.

Heel come of the small Si wealth living anxious not already:"Childe, we still return to, another day again come!"

"Do not go!This childe must see today smoke!"Stare two guards of doorway, die hopeless situation to stare.

"That ……small of go to and take a clothes for childe?"Wealth livings to turn to fix attention on bead son to say, must think a way notify the madam is a , now only the madam can can advise this childe!

"Do not think that this childe doesn't know that you are just thinking what, the darling is foolish!"Cloud Mo also not is be vegetarian of, one is fierce to drink, frighten the wealth livinged to hurriedly cancel to return to the mind of moving the reinforcements, the darling shrinks neck to stand.

"The cloud childe pleases back, the eastern Yu king has already ordered and disappeared a guest today."A bodyguard's good heart in the doorway says that again so drive this playboy the big eye stares small eye along while, all of them want the cross-eye of changing.

How can there is the person to chisel incessantly so in the world?

"This childe disappears an eastern Yu king and see smoke!"Cloud Mo rises head, although being cold must shiver, however the it happened that poise still the slightest don't reduce, all over deeply wear one expensive breathing for canning not talk, people don't dare and neglect.

Two guards hope one eye with each other and incredibly have much of tacit understanding ground together track:"Want to see smoke miss more impossible!"

Cloud Mo is great anger, a pair of Feng eyes stared a circle:"Why!?"

" Smoke miss soon will become our eastern Yu imperial concubine, Wang Ye is to nurse very carefully, smoke miss to see stiller than oneself to weigh, how can allow other people to see her."A bodyguard says with smile.

"He that is to deprive smoke of freedom!"Cloud Mo defies spirit ground to hum and hear smoke to to become east Yu an imperial concubine, the in the mind was more like to tip over one altar son vinegar, cover with to emit sour spirit.

First cutthroat


Two bodyguards no longer talk and allow cloud Mo to continue over there dry stare.

This time, the front door is opened, cloud Mo thinks is smoke to finally come out, just happy, one title, but see one wear white dress of ice Che, greatly disappointed.

The ice Che also sees him, the air complicatedly saw his one eye:"Cloud childe's early morning stands here, why matter?"

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"Look for person!"Cloud Mo has never liked spirit ground to roar a throat to return to and sees to see the ice Che whole body white dress and carries a double-edged sword on the back, the marking on a double-edged sword is a half blazing flame, half snowflake, this is the ice department the marking of first cutthroat.

Yi?He how can anyone know this is the ice department the marking of first cutthroat?His understand to the ice department is only limited by to know that that is the east Yu the king get generally of dark department organization ……

Although the in the mind is interrogative, but sees so big title, cloud Mo still feels to grasp a hope, the favour says:"You tell smoke, I have been waiting her here today, must see her!"

Ice Che Ao however on smiling, childe Mo, who once thought will you become this today?On dominating childe Mo of world to the precious jade piano on that day, today but the loafer ground entwine a woman.

Really build to turn to make a person.

"At under have how many words want to say with childe, don't know that the childe's convenience is inconvenient?"The ice Che is stood down and looking at cloud Mo.

Cloud Mo Pie Pie mouth:"Say, this childe listens to."Louboutin Hommes

Ice Che way:"Could you seek a place of calmness?"

The wealth livings immediately vigilance ground to jump out:"Childe in our house wants to wait a person here!"He is responsible for following a childe, if childe's what matter, he is a small life don't protect!

"If the cloud childe fears at under disadvantageous to childe, then it say here."Ice Che inattentively on smiling, just wanted Zhang Kou.

"Ah, who say this childe is afraid, does this childe also fear that you don't become?Walk!"Once cloud Mo turn round and really get ice Che to go toward to walk in a quiet and out-of-the-way lane son to, ignore the wealth living in the behind to stare big the eye entreat.

Anyway the brocade is all ir site of cloud house, doesn't he believe what this guy dare do to him?

Going toward to walk in lane son is some, stop, cloud Mo lazily depends on the wall and embraces to begin, whole body white dress snow, Chen get he more the powder vulture jade Zhuo, lips red Chi white, beautiful must be like a porcelain doll.