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Award-winning music producer and recording engineer Tal Herzberg, who has worked with such artists as Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige and Counting Crows, relies on Globalstor’s ExtremStor-iNAS N160 NAS/iSCSI server solution to store his most important music projects. Capable of handling large quantities of data and easily accessible to multiple users around the world, the Globalstor ExtremStor-iNAS N160 is the ideal system for Herzberg, who installed it at Interscope Records’ Boiler Room Studios so that he and his team of talented producers and engineers can work more efficiently, without having to worry about where a certain tape is or whether they’ll be able to access required data.

“We needed a shared network storage solution that was easily accessible by multiple users from on or off site and could also handle large quantities of data,� says Herzberg. “The previous solutions were based on fiber, which required stretching cable. The ExtremStor-iNAS simply hosts itself on the existing Cat5-based network cabling, so there’s no new cabling infrastructure required to set it up. It just piggybacks on the existing network.�

Before the ExtremStor-iNAS, Herzberg and his team ran full multi-track sessions over Cat5 from a box located about 100 feet away. The ExtremStor-iNAS solution eliminates the hassle of having to run from room to room, allowing the user to access the solution from anywhere in the world. “You can be in a different continent and still mount volumes to your desktop,� says Herzberg. “The ExtremStor-iNAS is a huge money saver, too. The drive mechanisms can be replaced without having to buy a whole new solution.�

As an IP-based solution, the ExtremStor-iNAS lets Herzberg access data remotely from his home recording studio as easily as if he were there. Everyone working on the same project can also access data in tandem, without disrupting anyone else’s workflow.

“Last year I got a call that there was an emergency on a project I was working on, but I was 6,000 miles away,� says Herzberg. “Normally I would’ve had to have relied on FedEx to deliver the drive back and forth, and it could have easily taken three days to resolve the issue. Instead, with the ExtremStor-iNAS, I was able to resolve things in an hour. Now, I just log onto the ExtremStor-iNAS solution, copy the data to my desktop, fix the problem and send the data back. The iNAS not only is a great time saver, but a great stress reliever as well.�

The ExtremStor-iNAS N160 Server includes up to 24, 250GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives for up to 6TB of fault-tolerant storage and low-cost, high-performance iSCSI file access in a single, convenient, centralized storage management solution. There are also optional 1TB drives that provide up to 24TB of fault-tolerant storage. Able to support RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10 and 50, ExtremStor-iNAS can be managed remotely via any standard Web browser over a user network.

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