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Biffy Clyro Records at Ocean Way with Producer Gggarth Richardson

Sixth Album for Scottish Rock Sensation

Pictured in Ocean Way's renowned Studio B are (foreground L-R) Simon Neil, vocals, guitar; James Johnston, bass, vocals; Ben Kaplan, engineer; standing (L-R) Steve Churchyard, engineer; Wesley Seidman, assistant engineer; GGGarth Richardson, producer; Alex H.N.Gilbert, A&R director; Neil Anderson, road manager; Francesca Neil, wife of Simon; Ben Johnston, drums, vocals. Photo by David Goggin.

Scottish rock sensation Biffy Clyro recorded strings with conductor David Campbell and a choir at Ocean Way Recording for their their forthcoming sixth studio album, “Opposites,” with Canadian producer Gggarth Richardson. Sessions included 10 violins, 2 viola, 3 cello, and one upright bass.

Biffy Clyro’s members are Simon Neil (vocals, guitar), and the brothers James Johnston (bass, vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums, vocals). The band is known for its heavy, yet melodic, mixture of guitar, bass and drums, with all three band members contributing to vocals. They are also identified by their complex and interwoven guitar riffs, chord sequences and melodies that often change throughout songs. Their first album, “Blackened Sky,” was released in 2002, followed by “The Vertigo of Bliss” (2003),and “Infinity Land (2004). “Puzzle” (2007), which was also produced by Gggarth Richardson.

Gggarth Richardson is the son of renowned Canadian producer Jack Richardson (Alice Cooper, The Guess Who, Badfinger, Poco), and has racked up hits as engineer of such acts as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback, and Motley Crüe, and the producer of Rage Against the Machine, Mudvayne. and the Melvins. Richardson launched the Nimbus School of Recording Arts in Vancouver, Canada, with famed producer Bob Ezrin (who was his mentor as a young man) and Michael McCarty, president of OLE Publishing.

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