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Break Free From the Grid, Build Your Own Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor

Don’t you just hate not having alternatives? When it comes to electrical power for the home it seems there aren’t any alternatives besides the big power companies. We are virtually slaves to the grid. We pay through the nose for electricity, they laugh all the way to the bank. We know there are green alternatives, wind and solar for instance, but much less well-known is the permanent magnet motor. For the enterprising homeowner who wants to change the energy status quo and not empty his or her wallet, the answer is clear- build your own Howard Johnson Magnetic motor. What is a Magnetic Motor? Simply put, a magnetic motor is a device that is powered by the forces of magnetism. Correct alignment and adjustment of permanent magnets allows them to create mechanical motion by utilizing the natural repelling and attracting forces of the magnets themselves. This mechanical motion is then turned into electricity by using the motor to power an electric generator. This generated electricity is then routed into the home’s energy system. Wouldn’t it take a degree in Physics to build one? The permanent magnet motor is very easy to construct, provided one has obtained the proper step by step plans. Good quality construction plans eliminate all of the frustration and disappointment associated with trying out your own design. Why “re-invent the wheel” when all the problems are already solved? Using plans that are tried and proven will help you get your motor running quickly and without hassle.Fake Replica Crystal Pen Holder are similar to Authentic Replica Crystal Pen Holder due to high technologies in producing process. Even a beginning do it yourself type can build it and get it operating in as little as a few days. What about obtaining materials and parts to build it? There are no exotic or hard to find parts associated with the permanent magnet motor. All the materials needed for the project can be obtained locally at either a hardware or home improvement store. The biggest plus is that none of the materials required are expensive. The project can usually be constructed for much less investment than a comparable wind or solar energy system. Who is Howard Johnson? Howard Johnson was an inventor who spent the majority of his life studying permanent magnets and how they could be implemented to generate energy. His work resulted in the granting of three U.S. patents for workable magnetic motor designs. He is unofficially known as the father of “spintronics.Start to a new trip with Fake prada wallet and show yourself from our blog.” What are the biggest advantages of the Howard Johnson Magnetic motor? Aside from cost and ease of construction, the motor is quiet, safe and emits no toxic fumes. It requires very little space and could be operated in the house itself if necessary.Welcome to purchase mont blanc wallet Low price,which one you like. It also requires very little to no maintenance and will function under any climatic conditions. Best of all it requires no external power source to operate. The Bottom Line With the ever-increasing cost of powering your home, the magnet powered motor offers a realistic and low-cost solution. It also gives you and your family reliable and clean energy when the grid fails. Considering all of the advantages, why not obtain a set of construction plans and start down the road to freedom from the grid today?