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CAD M9 Warms Up Vocals on “Vandal Hearts: Flames Of Judgment�

Composer/Sound designer Doug Brandon wanted a certain sound on the Title theme for “Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment,� a downloadable, strategy role-playing game for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3, published by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and developed by Hijinx Studios in Santa Ana, California.
“I’m ‘old school’ when it comes to microphones and voice production in general,� says Doug, “so my first inclination was to try the CAD M9. I like the fact that it’s a tube mic and I have had success using it in the past. Achieving a warm sound was my main focus for the lead vocal on this theme.�

“The M9 emphasized the “human” element that is many times lost in the digital recording environment. In fact, my setup also includes a Demeter tube preamp and a Manley tube limiter. I like the audio path to travel through as much warmth as possible and the CAD

M9 was the obvious choice for this project.�
As described by Doug, �’Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment’ combines the fast RPG pace of the original Vandal Hearts with improved user mechanics and high-quality presentation. Your actions throughout the game determine the ending, and player characters improve their skills as you see fit, providing a wide range of options.
“It’s a turn-based game, which is an ideal format for on-line game-play. Typically, the game gets harder as your character progresses,� Doug continues, “and you build up points with magic, sorcery or a special weapon so that you can fight more opponents as you advance on your quest.�
As Audio Director for Hijinx Studios, Doug did the sound design, wrote the music, and worked with the voice talent. As in the original Vandal Hearts, the theme song is sung once again by a woman (Sarah Brandon). “We chose to stay with the female voice, because it uniquely conveys a solemn, reflective quality that is prevalent in the environment of this battle-driven game.â€?
Whatever his approach, it seems to be working because audio reviews are good and downloads for the product are increasing at a very healthy rate.
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