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DHDI’s ZR Cloak


The ZR Cloak is the latest in the family of ZR Acoustics devices. Wrapped like a flak jacket around the speaker, ZR Cloak quantizes 80% of 1st order room reflections directly at the source. The ZR Cloak exhibits all the iconic sounds of ZR Acoustics: Lifelike Imaging, enormous sweet spot, extreme acoustic resolution and elegant, beautiful aesthetics.

Untouched, the speaker remains perfectly intact, wrapped in quantum acoustic devices on every surface except the front face, where sound emanates from.

ZR Cloak is the newest addition to DHDI’s line of quantum devices with 450+ NPS/ft acoustic resolution and ZR Acoustic’s iconic wave-to-particle conversion quantum technology. Each ZR Cloak is specifically designed and custom-made to every speaker’s exact dimensions and specifications. ZR Cloaks work on all types of speakers: passive, active, ported, passive radiators or heat sinks. Simplistically transportable and lightweight, the ZR Cloak provides Mastering Quality Acoustics for any speaker, from any manufacturer, in any size, in any space, anywhere.

ZR Acoustics Features + Benefits:

· Quantum AcousticsTechnology

· Life-Like Acoustical Imaging

· Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots

· Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 450+NPS/ft(Non-parallel Surfaces/ft)

· Elegant Aesthetics

· Simplistically Transportable and Lightweight

· Easy Installation. No tools required.

“Unbelievable! The detail is incredible! You hear things you’ve never heard before. It’s really amazing! They (ZR Cloaks) bring everything to life. You don’t know what you’re missing until somebody tears the wet blanket off and all of a sudden, the world has dimensions and depth, height and it’s incredibly wide. It’s bright. It’s dark. It’s big. It’s just really cool.” – John Aquilino, Platinum Sounds Studio

“The ZR Cloak is the result of years of research, testing and design. Driven by the need in studios and live sound for acoustical control without large areas of materials, the ZR Cloak solves many issues in a simple, small, easy to use form factor.” – Hanson Hsu, Principal Acoustician + CEO | DHDI

To learn more, or for a custom ZR Cloak quote, please contact DHDI directly. To learn more about ZR Acoustics visit or contact DHDI at [email protected]. All ZR Acoustics Devices are sold through DHDI or authorized dealers. To experience ZR Acoustics online please see ZR Live! at