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>The Lauten Audio Oceanus can be heard on all lead vocals in new song “Paralysis”

Los Angeles, CA (September 23, 2008) – Producer Douglas Grean recently completed sessions at Lavish Studios for artist Scott Weiland’s upcoming solo album, on which he used the new Oceanus LT-381 and Clarion FC-357 microphones from Lauten Audio.

“The Oceanus now occupies a top spot on my short list of favorite vocal mics,” says Grean. “In an otherwise crowded field of clones, this mic is a new voice: big, open, and beautiful.” The upcoming album, entitled Happy in Galoshes, is scheduled for release in November. “As soon as I tried the Oceanus I had to have it,” Grean added. The new song “Paralysis,” which is on the internet, is one of the songs where Grean used the Oceanus mic on all the lead vocals.

Grean’s first introduction to Lauten Audio microphones was a pair of Clarion FC-357s loaned from Damon Gramont of Summit Audio Inc., which is Lauten Audio’s U.S. sale representative. “I first tried the FC-357s as stereo room mics on the drum kit to great effect and then on electric guitar. I couldn’t find a situation where these mics didn’t sound brilliant. They are very open and life-like without sounding brittle or harsh. I called Damon and said I was using them on the album and had to purchase the pair. They are now my electric guitar mics of choice and serve double duty on acoustic instruments. There is not a session that goes by these days where I don’t use my Lauten mics.â€?

Prior to finishing the album, Grean and Weiland had written and produced songs on Happy in Galoshes for nine years. “I’m glad I got introduced to the Lauten mics when I did,� says Grean. “They are a big part of the sound on those last six songs we recorded; wish I’d had them earlier!�

Grean is Weiland’s business partner and co-owner of Lavish Studios. He is also guitarist, keyboardist and musical director for Wieland’s live solo band.