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if the enemy turned Offensive belstaff jackets

Or talk about Lu Su side, he from Taishi Ci belstaff parka hands want to three thousand cavalry. Although unlike riding atrium Attila As elite soldiers deal with Maarten whose remnants still more than enough, not to mention their own also took two Xuchu and Wade Tiger Will do, whether it is from the terms of morale, equipment, generals, Lu Su men’s men are far better than Han Sui and Maarten. CD One of the belstaff outlet disadvantages is the troops on the distinction, but mental arithmetic is unprepared to the the elite troops hit Pibi, ambush count Kyuko three points without Not the bane of Han Sui and Maarten. Three points Lu Su has all the advantage, how can there be defeated and the truth? Maarten and Han Sui with own-steps forward, all the way to the northwest, belstaff parka they did not dare to stay, because the high-cis troops behind them Hot pursuit. Speaking of funny, but a mere thousand or so troops chasing thousands of deserters ran really is nothing new. Korea No ability to wipe out these pursuers then and Maarten is not that they are afraid there will be more after these pursuers pursuers, these chase Soldiers just bait. Both belstaff outlet of them have been intimidated by Jia Xu. GAO Shun really courageous, to see those enemy soldiers do not turn against him, his more daring the. Has been chasing Han Sui and Ma Teng run, but at the same time maintain a certain distance and Han Sui Maarten, after all, the strength of the gap is too great, if the enemy turned Offensive belstaff jackets but a big. The chasing a period of time, high-cis stopped-steps of marching men. Seems high cis, Maarten and Han Sui is not a retreat, but Offensive to the extravagant extension.  hm520pp20120929