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OXFORD, ENGLAND— Sometimes you reach a time when you are so excited about what you’ve achieved you simply have to stand up and tell the world about it — and for us at Solid State Logic this is one of those moments.

SSL is very proud to announce that the Matrix mixing console is now shipping. All of our hard work over the last two years of conceiving and designing our “new baby� has reached fruition and the first customers are now receiving their units. Dealers around the world are starting to show their demo systems to engineers, producers and musicians who have been searching for the product that gives their studio a new heart.

SSL will be supporting U.S. dealers with a series of Matrix events through the month of July. Product specialists will be visiting local pro-audio stores with a full demo system of Matrix and SSL’s other analogue and digital products.

For additional information on pro audio dealer tour dates and seminars, please go to the Solid State Logic website,

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