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Antelope Audio Orion32+, Orion Studio Interfaces Now Shipping

Two Thunderbolt-Compatible Devices

Antelope Audio announces that its two Thunderbolt-compatible Orion32+ ($3,495) and Orion Studio ($2,795) interfaces are now shipping. 

Antelope Audio Orion32+ interface

The single-rackspace Orion32+ is now Antelope’s flagship audio interface, promising improved dynamic range and zero latency monitoring. It offers 32 channels of I/O at 24-bit/192 kHz, with connectivity options including Thunderbolt, MADI and USB, making it suitable for use in commercial, personal studio and live sound environments. The Orion32+ also incorporates ADAT and S/PDIF throughput, with I/O being handled by eight D-Sub 25 connectors and a pair of mastering grade monitor outputs, both said to be capable of delivering 129dB dynamic range.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio

Antelope’s single-rackspace Orion Studio now offers full Thunderbolt compatibility brings the latest interface technology to Apple Mac Book Pro users. Orion Studio claims the lowest latency AD/DA converter in its class and offers USB compatibility, custom routing flexibility, and the company’s proprietary clocking technology. Antelope Audio states that Orion Studio is capable of processing 32 channels of 192 kHz audio at speeds of 100μ round trip delay. The unit also has 12 microphone preamplifiers, 16 analog outputs and two mastering grade monitor outputs.

Antelope’s Orion32+ and Orion Studio interfaces are integrated with Antelope Audio’s new onboard DSP engine, which is designed to run custom EQ, compressor and reverb plug-ins including Antelope’s recently announced AuraVerb.

Orion32+ and Orion Studio both ship with AuraVerb.The company states that other plug-ins will soon become available to owners of these products free of charge. The new DSP, which allows simultaneous processing of multiple effects, uses Antelope’s proprietary effects algorithms and is said to significantly increase the speed of workflow, no matter which DAW is chosen.

The accompanying software for Orion32+ and Orion Studio make it simple to operate, with a color-coded routing matrix, four separate mixers and intelligent DSP effects integration. The software application, which was created for Orion32 and further refined for Antelope’s Zen Studio, is available for both OS X and Windows operating systems. Further, both the Orion32+ and Orion Studio are fully supported by Antelope’s superior 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology, which is present in leading mastering facilities around the world.

During the remainder of December, customers who purchase an Orion32+ or Orion Studio at select dealers will receive a free two-meter Thunderbolt cable—a $49 value.

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