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Music Composer for Fox TV’s “House” and His Company JECO Music, Debut New Online Premium Music Library, “The Score”

Jon Ehrlich, music composer for FOX TV’s mega-hit drama series House, and his company, JECO Music, announced the debut of “The Score,� their newest online premium music library.

“The Score� was created specifically for dramatic TV, reality, documentary, and film projects. Comprised of more than 500 unique tracks that are searchable via a powerful (yet uncluttered and elegant) online search engine, “The Score� offers users tracks that, once downloaded, are each embedded with ID3 metadata for easy searching within iTunes or other library software.

In keeping with JECO Music’s commitment to release library music containing tracks originally created for actual projects (for which JECO was able to retain the publishing rights), “The Score� fills a void in production music by offering tracks with dramatically more substance.

Said Ehrlich, “As production budgets shrink and delivery times compress, we saw the need for a new long-form custom library to help producers score their projects almost as if the music was all custom-written. In fact, just like in our other two libraries (“The Spot� and “The Source,�) each of the tracks on this new library was originally written for a specific TV show, film, or doc. So the attention to detail is there in a way I feel is lacking in a lot of other library music I’ve heard.�

Ehrlich adds, “When you hear these tracks, you can tell instantly that they are original and not bulk-produced. All of them have a custom feel, and none of them sounds or feels like typical stock music.�

Composer and JECO Music co-founder Leigh Roberts says, “‘The Score’ is a library with a distinct purpose – to provide the right emotional content for a scene without sounding canned or self-conscious. We feel the way to do this is not by having a composer sit in a room all day writing, say, ‘energetic’ music, but by pulling from stuff we’ve already done that has been informed by real creative, real visuals, real story.�

Roberts continues, “As composers on many TV and film projects, we know that not every scene can, or even should, be scored with library music. But when library music is called for, we feel ‘The Score’ will offer creative choices beyond what other libraries can offer.�

Producer/Director/Editor Tom Donahue (Guest of Cindy Sherman, A&E’s Growing Up Gotti, HBO’s Naked World) agrees: “The music from this library is just so incredibly versatile. I had been using tracks from JECO’s commercial-length library, ‘The Spot,’ in many of my projects, but was frustrated that they didn’t offer longer versions. Thankfully, Jon and Leigh heeded my request and created this new library for those of us working on long-form projects. It’s a real time-saver when I can just pop one of Jeco’s tracks into my edit and it instantly works.�

Charles Knight, producer of Tankboy TV, recently used “The Score” for his latest show. Knight explains, “I first became acquainted with JECO and their music during my time as Post Producer for Disney’s Power Rangers ‘Operation Overdrive’ and ‘Jungle Fury.’ Since that time, I have worked with JECO on original scoring and have also pulled music from their libraries. It’s a testament to ‘The Score’s’ quality that I can’t tell the difference between the two —
the original scoring and the library music. Normally, library tracks stick out or just don’t feel quite right; not the case with these tracks. I think many producers will find this new library to be invaluable. I am already using it to temp-score my next project. My guess is that a lot of it will actually end up in our show.�

“The Score,� in addition to JECO Music’s other two libraries “The Spot� and “The Source,� is available online at


With production studios in both New York City and Santa Monica, CA, JECO Music is one of the top companies in the U.S. specializing in the creation and production of original music for film, TV and commercials. Founded in l994 by Santa Monica-based Co-Creative Director/Composer Jon Ehrlich and NYC-based Co-Creative Director/Composer Leigh Roberts, JECO Music has provided original music to many popular television programs in recent years, along with hit movies and TV spots for major advertisers.

JECO Music composers’ Emmy Award-winning TV contributions have included original themes, scores and songs for House, Life, Aaron Stone, Party of Five, Growing Up Gotti, Power Rangers, Invasion, ESPN’s Bound for Glory, Kathy Griffin: Life on the D List, The Guardian, The Outer Limits, Prime Time Live and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; such films as Under Tuscan Sun,
The Pink Panther, Nowhereland, Little Miss Sunshine and Bring it On, and TV spots including those for clients such as Pepsi, FedEx, Visa Gold, Chrysler, Lipton, Honda, Netflix, AOL, Hasbro, American Express and Reebok.

JECO Music specializes in the creation and production of original music for film, television and commercials. JECO Music’s New York headquarters is 62 West 45th Street, 10th Floor, NY, NY 10036. Telephone: 212-768-8501 and Website: