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Pauline Drossart at Cobaltt Mastering

Cups ‘n Strings‘ Bruce Maddocks Masters “Beautiful Story”

Pictured at Cobaltt Mastering are Pauline Drossart and engineer Bruce Maddocks. Photo by David Goggin.

Popular chanteuse Pauline Drossart recently mastered her new EP, “Beautiful Story,” at Cobaltt Mastering, a division of Bruce Maddocks‘ Cups ‘N Strings Studios.

“I learned about Bruce from Paul Sandweiss of Sound Design Corporation,” recalls Drossart. “He told me he wanted to direct me to the right place and that Bruce was a phenomenal mastering engineer.” For more than two decades, Maddocks has provided technical support for Sandweiss, mixer for such programs as The Academy Awards, The American Music Awards, The Grammy Awards, and the MTV Awards, among numerous others.

A native of Belgium, Drossart relocated to London when she was eleven. By the age of 16 she was performing regularly and got her first recording contract at the age of eighteen. Embarking for Los Angeles in 2000, she fine-tuned her guitar playing and has since gained a following in such well known venues as The Hard Rock Café, The Mint, The Atlas Bar and Grill, and The Sunset Room, to name a few.

“As Bruce mastered my new EP, I felt like everything became very clear and that you could hear the instruments in a really defined way,” continue Drossart. “My voice began to stand out and the overall impression was one sound instead of a bunch of instruments here and there. Everything became focused and balanced.”

Drossart is the founder and leader of The New Earth Collective, a popular 15-piece musical ensemble that performs improvisational World Music in Southern California.

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