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Pro Sound Effects Introduces New Line of Solutions

Your organization can now deliver better sound, faster than ever

BROOKLYN, NY (APRIL 4, 2019): Pro Sound Effects® (PSE), the next level sound effects library company, has introduced a new line of sound effects library solutions for companies and schools.

The new Pro Sound Effects Solutions combine PSE’s flagship libraries (Hybrid Library and Master Library) with their freshly released The Odyssey Collection by Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson, and ever-growing catalogue of specialty libraries, such as Cinematic Winds by Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet, and many others. PSE Solutions feature unlimited local and online access with ongoing updates – a frequently requested feature.

“Our clients always tell us that their ability to create their best sounding work and hit all their deadlines, starts with a well-organized, modern, and continually-growing sound library,” says Jeremy Siegel, Licensing Manager at Pro Sound Effects. “Our new Solutions really aim to address those needs head-on by providing the highest quality possible and ongoing value.”

Leading media producers around the world such as Netflix, Turner, Vice, and Electronic Arts rely on Pro Sound Effects Solutions to create our favorite movies, TV shows, video games, as well as branded content.

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Pricing and Availability

Pro Sound Effects Solutions are available via Annual or Buyout licensing options at three different service tiers (Essential, Pro, and Complete). View Solutions Pricing