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RME’s Fireface 800 and Babyface Pro Interfaces Prove Invaluable for Paul Pesco

Singer-songwriter, film score composer, and record producer

New York, NY – April 2016…Singer-songwriter, film score composer, and record producer Paul Pesco’s work is well known. In recent years, his studio talents have played an important role in numerous high profile projects, including the Oscar® winning animated film Happy Feet, Miguel’s Do You…, J-Lo’s Play, C&C Music Factory’s Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), and Madonna’s Lucky Star to name just a few. To ensure the best audio performance and reliability throughout production, Pesco relies on his RME Fireface 800 and, more recently, his newly acquired RME Babyface Pro audio interfaces.

“As it turns out,” Pesco, recalls, “Happy Feet was my introduction to RME products. “John Powell, the composer with whom I was working on that film had his studio equipped with multiple computers and RME interfaces in order to accommodate the huge track count that he needed. Besides noticing the sound quality of the gear, I realized John could afford any equipment he wanted. That was the moment I realized the RME Fireface 800 was for me. The Fireface 800 has been my main audio interface since 2008 and I just recently acquired a Babyface Pro.”

For his production and post production requirements, Pesco has both studio and mobile equipment setups. With his studio operations, he uses his Fireface 800 and a Mac Pro tower running Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Avid’s Pro Tools, and PreSonus’ Studio One software at the core of his setup. His mobile system is outfitted with his new Babyface Pro tied to a MacBook Pro running the same suite of software applications. “I love the Babyface Pro’s portability and consistency of performance,” he says. “It’s the perfect interface for my mobile setup.”

Pesco elaborated on his portable setup with his new Babyface Pro. “I’m currently working on a remake of Whitney Houston’s You Give Good Love with Lala Forest Cope, the composer of that song. I started working on it in my studio and then midway, my wife needed me to run an important errand for the family. We ended up staying with relatives for two days. I simply transferred the session to my MacBook Pro and continued working in the other location using my new Babyface Pro. I lost no time whatsoever.”

When queried about those attributes that make the Fireface 800 the “right tool for the job” in his particular work environments, Pesco offered the following thoughts, “First and foremost is sound quality. Secondly, it’s functionality and connectivity. My Fireface 800 is the center point of signal routing in my studio and I love RME’s TotalMix FX software for the interface with its zero latency monitoring. Thirdly, the Fireface 800’s ease of use is exceptional.”

With electronic gear, questions or the need for assistance invariably arise. In this regard, Pesco rates Synthax (RME’s distributor) best in class. “After eight years of use, I only recently experienced a power supply issue with my Fireface 800. Not bad for eight years of constant use! I contacted Synthax tech support, which was very friendly and helpful, and had the matter resolved in no time. I was impressed.”

Before turning his attention back to his studio business, Pesco offered these final comments, “I’d like to thank RME for making the absolute best audio interfaces in the world! I’ve been extremely happy!”

To learn more about Paul Pesco, visit his website at For samples of Paul’s use of RME products, visit his Music Production Workshop channel at:

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