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Sonnox Releases AAX Version of Oxford Dynamics Plug-In

Sonnox has announced the release of the AAX version of its Oxford Dynamics plug-in ($TBA). Based on algorithms from the Dynamics section of the discontinued Sony OXF-R3 digital mixing console, the AAX DSP and Native versions offer six individual sections: Compressor, Expander, Limiter, Gate, Sidechain EQ, and Warmth function.

Both AAX DSP and AAX Native versions can be used as a surround bus compressor/limiter, which was previously only possible in the TDM version. The Dynamics also benefits from new meters.

“We’ve had a great number of requests for the Dynamics plug to be next in our AAX development cycle,” says Sonnox Sales & Marketing Manager, Nathan Eames. “Post customers have been particularly anxious for this version, as many use it with Avid consoles hand in hand with the Oxford EQ. This new release completes their main go-to plug-in toolset of EQ and Dynamics for Avid’s AAX format.”

To celebrate the release of the Oxford Dynamics for AAX, Sonnox is offering a 40-percent discount on the plug-in until March 31,t 2013.

Find more information about the Sonnox Oxford Dynamics plug-in.