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The Sound of the World Cup

––Music For Opening Ceremonies Mixed On ADAM Monitors––

The Mastermax Studio facilities better known as MMX Studios, are located in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. The studio had originally been build in the late 90’s as a live tracking facility and was one of the first studios in South Africa that had adjustable acoustics in its Live Room.

In 2006, Mastermax Productions bought the studio buildings and started a renovation and upgrade process. Since then, it has become one of the most renowned recording studios in South Africa and worldwide.

More recently, MMX|Studios were used for the recording of the opening ceremony music for the 2010 World Cup. ADAM Audio has been collaborating with Co-Executive Producer and composer Mr. Lebo M, (also known for his work on The Lion King, Congo, Tears of the sun and more), arranger Themba

Mkhize and Orchestrator Peter McLea.

Asked about ADAM Audio monitors, Johan van der Colff from MMX Studios said, “Since buying our first pair of ADAMs in 2006, we have never looked back. The tonal balance and imaging on the ADAM monitors is outstanding and I just fell in love with the natural sound of the ribbon tweeters and the fact that ADAM does not use digital processing in the monitors to make up for imperfections in the design.

“I have also enjoyed the smooth true representation the monitors give at both low and high SPL levels,” continued van deer Colff. “One of the best ways to test a mix and the accuracy of the monitors is to use them in different locations and on different systems. We have found, since we started using the ADAM monitors, that our mixes have been much more accurate, and even without mastering the mixes sounded extremely good on normal consumer audio systems.
“Currently we have a full surround ADAM Audio setup consisting of P33a’s, A7’s and a Sub 8, and we have used it on a few of the multi platinum selling DVDs that has been mixed here. Recently, we added the new S3X-H. We are also in the planning stages for a large format final mixing studio for film post and are considering the new S7A Mk 2’s as our main surround monitor set for this studio.�

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Photos: Mike Bell

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