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New UK Live Sound Provider 22Live Debuts

UK live sound provider 22Live has announced its official formation having already completed two major tours and more.

The 22Live team.
The 22Live team.

Redditch, UK (January 11, 2023)—UK-based touring audio rental company, 22live, has announced its official launch with the news that the company has added three directors and has already completed two major tours, also sending a package to the World Cup.

Hire director Paul Timmins founded 22live in early 2022, taking the company name from the year it was established. In mid-2022, Stefan Phillips and Simon Gladstone joined 22live as operations director and technical director, respectively, to help establish operations in the UK’s Midlands. Timmins approached Spencer Beard and Alex Penn, with whom he had previously worked closely, to join the team beginning in January 2023. Beard joins 22live as managing director and Penn is commercial director. The final member of the board to be appointed is finance director Ian Bidmead. (All six directors previously worked under the SSE Audio Group umbrella.)

“When establishing a new business like 22live, I needed the right people,” Timmins says. “I had conversations with Stefan and Simon, as they too were starting out on new paths. Fortunately for me, they were keen to join, bringing all the knowledge and experience we need to deliver the services of 22live. Working with Stefan and Simon meant that the Midlands was the obvious choice for our operational base.”

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According to Gladstone, “Since my start date in June 2022, my efforts so far have largely gone into supporting the design, development and manufacturing process of building our new infrastructure and line system. We have worked to produce as much infrastructure as we could, so we’d have spare capacity. Now, in 2023, we are adding more equipment to the inventory, and we are able to get more control packages out on the road to meet demand as our services develop. As well as supporting new hire opportunities, my focus now turns to delivering our bespoke software and management systems in order to operate as efficiently as possible.”

Phillips adds, “There was much for us to decide quickly; where to operate from, what kit to use, how to sort packaging and infrastructure, and what management software to use. We also wanted to start generating revenue at the earliest opportunity. 22live is a fresh start, so it was great to go back to the drawing board. Without the legacy of older connectors to integrate, or a mountain of flight cases from different decades, we’ve had complete freedom to start afresh with how we do things and improve operational practices.”

“The fact that we are able to announce our official launch having already completed two major tours as well as a London O2 Arena show I think is unheard of,” Timmins says of 22live’s first year in business. “We delivered what I believe to be first-class quality on both the Sigur Rós and the Australian Pink Floyd Show tours, in late 2022, and all of that without even letting the market know we’d officially arrived. We also kept our new Martin Audio PA busy on dry-hire projects and even sent a package out to Qatar for the World Cup. This is a great start. We’re looking forward to putting more 22live shows out on the road in the coming months and supporting all of those that want to work with us.”