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soundBlade One Twenty Two Ships

Distribution of Latest Edition Includes Free Plug–in

Marin County, CA — May 17, 2008 – Sonic Studio, LLC, the leader in ultra–fidelity production tools for audio engineers, has begun shipping version 1.2.2 of their flagship professional product, soundBlade™. Sonic Studio also announced a new, no–cost version of their Sonic EQ™ that accompanies this new release. Both products have entered distribution channels worldwide.

soundBlade continues to answer a busy engineer’s need for a streamlined, ultra–fidelity alternative to other production tools. soundBlade combines ease of use and exceptional value with features that simplify everyday jobs. Running natively on the secure and user friendly Mac OS X, soundBlade relies on Core Audio for default I/O so hardware lock–in is eliminated. The 1.2.2 release incorporates hundreds of optimizations and stability enhancements.

A new twist for Sonic Studio is the release of Sonic EQ le, a free version of their legendary equalization, and a welcome addition to any engineer’s audio toolkit. Sonic EQ le is a proprietary implementation of equalizer that includes three different filter types, including a first order parametric, along with first order high and low shelves. Minimal phase topologies ensure inaudible artifacts even for radical settings. Its double precision operators, when used in soundBlade, provide the transparency that Sonic Studio products are known for. In a departure from previous Sonic EQ releases, Sonic EQ le can also be used with any Mac audio product that hosts VST plug–ins.

Combining Sonic Studio’s benchmark premastering functionality with the signal processing, restoration and comprehensive editing that discriminating mastering engineers are looking for, soundBlade carries an economical MSRP of $1495. A free update for existing owners, it is available now through Sonic Studio’s network of distributors and resellers or as a download from their web site. For m

ore information, to grab your free copy of Sonic EQ le, or to arrange a trial run, visit Sonic Studio at

About Sonic Studio
Sonic Studio is the premier manufacturer of ultra–fidelity DSD post and PCM content creation systems. Sonic Studio’s Emmy award–winning NoNOISE II™ suite is the leading audio restoration toolset for archivists, record labels, videographers and forensic investigators while their product lines for Red and Scarlet Book premastering define the state of the art. Sonic Studio’s digital audio workstations and software are in use at major studios, record labels, broadcast and post production facilities worldwide. Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Studio has an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

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