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BREA, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 2009: The Cause Community Church in Brea, California was born of nearby Faith Community Church in West Covina, a mega-church. It was “planted” in 2005, and every week until recently, The Cause’s dedicated volunteers unloaded two trailers-worth of equipment to set up children’s ministries, a youth room, a main service room, and an overflow room in a supportive Brea movie theater complex. Although the volunteers cheerfully performed that Herculean task week-after-week and the congregation attended enthusiastically, everyone pined for the day when they would have a space to call their own. The new space would be a beacon to them and to future members of the congregation.

After fundraising, praying and praying some more, The Cause was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a 27,000-sq. ft. warehouse facility at a price that was attainable. They scrimped and saved

and inspired contributions with “The Beacon Project” initiative so that they could turn the temporary pallets and industrial goods into a proper house of worship.

“It was nothing but an empty box,” remarked Phillip Kim, director of client relations for Platt Design Group. The Cause originally hired Platt Design in Sierra Madre, California as consultants for the acoustic design of the challenging space. He continued, “We initially provided cost-effective solutions to deaden the walls and tighten up the low-end. But as things progressed, it became clear that they would need help with the audio and lighting as well. The real challenge was fulfilling their requirements on a tremendously tight budget. In fact, we built the system one piece at a time, as funds became available.”

The Cause started with powered Mackie speakers that were holdovers from their days of theater crashing. Knowing that the system would grow, but also recognizing that the Mackie speakers needed some help immediately, Platt Design recommended that the church start building their system with a SymNet Express 8×8 Cobra.

“We love the SymNet line of open-architecture DSP units for several reasons,” said Kim. “First, they are ‘full-featured,’ meaning that any processing block that an audio professional could want is available and fully implemented. Second, and this is critically important for The Cause, the SymNet units are affordable. Third, the SymNet DSP units interact seamlessly with SMAART software that we use to model acoustic spaces. Once we model a space, we can apply that data to the SymNet DSP to make necessary changes.”

When the funds became available, The Cause was able to purchase seven Renkus Heinz PN-series loudspeakers and a pair of Meyer 700-HP subwoofers. They used the Mackie speakers for supplemental fill. It was a simple matter to reconfigure the SymNet DSP to make the new configuration shine.

Today, The Cause Community Church is about where they want to be. To the new loudspeakers, Platt Design sequentially added a 48-channel Yamaha M7CL digital mixer with an interface for six units of Aviom personal monitors. Best of all, they can now comfortably seat 900 members, and those faithful volunteers don’t have to set things up before a service, or tear things down afterwards!

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