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Top UK Recording Engineer – Andy Scade – Loves His D.W. Fearn Gear !

Top UK Recording Engineer – Andy Scade – Loves His D.W. Fearn Gear !

Andy Scade (Simply Red, Snow Patrol etc) has been working with D.W. Fearn gear for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been tracking with the VT-2 Pre-Amps for some time and love using them on everything from vocals and bass to drum and guitar recording – for that polished expensive sound you get from D.W. Fearn gear.â€?

High praise indeed from one of the UK’s premier recording engineers and programmers, whose resume of bands and hits include Simply Red, Snow Patrol, The Divine Comedy and Tom Jones plus many, many more.

Based at South East London’s The Music Bank, Andy is currently working on new Simply Red material and has been mixing for Snow Patrol whilst continuing his love affair with D.W. Fearn’s astonishing tube gear. Following the recommendation

from a respected colleague to try out the VT-7 Compressor, he auditioned the unit along with some other compressors and never looked back.

“I chose the VT-7,â€? he states, “as it seems as at-home on tracking individual instruments as it does over a whole mix. It’s not like any compressor I’ve ever used before, and brings something very unique to the table. It really is like having very fast hands on a fader, and then some.

“The VT-7 is a totally transparent compression unit – ideal for gluing your mix together without coloring the sound or transients, and keeping tracking in check while bringing a warmth and pleasing top-end to the sound.â€?

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