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Total ghd south africa soften many say they are the best

In my last post I questions'' 100''
The question I have an iron,
After that, he asked me in the comments if I have
Review to write about what I wanted anyway ..
Did you now :).
Total ghd south africa soften many say they are the best,
I own this:
This is a classic gold
I 289 - paid.
I have on the page:
Why not on eBay or other sites where they are cheaper?
Quite simply there on most pages
And sell fake plates.
But still cost about 200 francs.
There are many special editions, and of course
Now I say again it look more interesting.
But it seems (available in many of the pages)
Special editions are not as good as in the classical style.
Also, I think of this griddle
Very elegant. :)
Now, to perform:
What bothers many straight has no control over the heat,
Fits hair.
But it does not bother me at all, for me is a straight
Always warm enough.
Perfectly straight many must be
You have reached the required temperature.
GHD takes about 30 seconds
:) He even in the heat!
The first time when you feel your hair
Outstretched, amazing: D!
It's just totally relaxed and hair
It makes everything very smooth and shiny.
Convinced me immediately!
With straight hair more than necessary
Very satisfied and should be combed through a
No one "node" to be more than that,
So it's nice going.
So it was often because I firmly problems
He has curly hair.
ghd straightenerbut could, for
Problems running through the presence of even
Small contract. :)
The only thing that bothers me to soften;
It therefore '"cap" close "to a line in
You can, as it were, but I had the Old button ..
No point in being very bad
But what bothers me a bit!
The iron in my opinion, is really the best
What's there! Total money's worth!
Many can withstand anything, but,
Or for money is very good.
But worth it!