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Knoxville, TN – October 2008… When the University of Tennessee throws a pep rally for the home team, they do it in a big way. Held in Knoxville’s World’s Fair Park on September 18th prior to the season opening football game against the University of Florida Gators, the second annual Big Orange Blast featured country music artists Matt Stillwell as the opening act and Pat Green as the headliner. Hosted in conjunction with sports media company IMG College/The Vol Network, the event offered plenty of excitement to go around and all of it was piped through a potent sound system comprised of elements from the WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine and Max series catalogs.

Knoxville-based Sound Ventures was contracted to provide sound for the event. This year’s Big Orange Blast also included appearances by Tennessee head football coach, Phillip Fulmer, Knoxville Mayor Bill Halslam, several Tennessee football team members, the UT cheerleaders, and Smokey the mascot. To ensure robust sound for both speech and music reproduction, the Sound Ventures crew flew 24 WorxAudio Technologies TLV10-PMD3 Powered Touring Line Array enclosures — 12 per side—and supplemented these with sixteen WorxAudio TL218SS subwoofers, which were distributed evenly across the front of the stage area. To ensure everyone on the stage could hear clearly, numerous WorxAudio UltraMax M1-P self-powered stage monitors were deployed.

According to Sound Ventures partner Scott Grimsley, who oversaw the technical aspects of the event and mixed FOH (front of house), the WorxAudio TrueLine series line array was ideal for this project. “The V10’s are very clean sounding, loud speakers that have tremendous throw capability,� said Grimsley. “They’re also extremely flat, so they require almost no EQ. All the equipment we used was self-powered and you just can’t beat that. You fly the system and with a minimal amount of cabling, you’re ready to go. There’s less clutter involved and there’s no amp racks on the ground to deal with.�

Grimsley was equally enthusiastic about the WorxAudio TL218SS subwoofers and the UltraMax M1-P stage monitors. “The TL218’s move a lot of air,� says Grimsley. “There’s really no other sub quite like it. These cabinets provide every bit as much low end as one could possibly want. We’ve also had a lot of success with the M1-P stage monitors. The M1-P is a very low profile cabinet that sounds great and gets as loud as is needed, and being self-powered, we don’t have to deal with external power amps. This makes everything easier because there’s less gear to transport and setup and goes faster.�

When your business revolves around corporate industrials and other special events—as it does for Sound Ventures—the necessity to have the equipment fully operational and ready to go is critical. For this reason, responsive technical support is extremely important and, in this regard, Grimsley gives WorxAudio’s customer and technical support services high grades. “WorxAudio is extremely good to deal with,� says Grimsley. “We almost never experience any issues with their equipment. On those few occasions that we’ve had questions or needed help, the company has been great.�

Reflecting on the Big Orange Blast, Grimsley summed up the event. “This year’s Big Orange Blast went really well and our WorxAudio V10’s did a terrific job,� said Grimsley. “Our client was absolutely over the top with enthusiasm. We had 5,000 plus people in attendance for the pep rally and everyone told us this was the best sound they’d ever heard at the World’s Fair Park.�

About the WorxAudio Technologies TLV10-PMD3 Powered Touring Line Array
The WorxAudio Technologies TLV10-PMD3 is a three-way, high efficiency, ultra compact high performance line array loudspeaker system that is ideal for the reproduction of speech and music program material. This loudspeaker incorporates a large format, 3-inch voice coil compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWaveâ„¢ Former (wave shaping device) that delivers clear, penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area. For the midrange, dual 8-inch cone transducers in a sealed enclosure coupled to the (A.I.M. â„¢) Acoustic Intergrading Module minimize cone filtering throughout the operating range. Dual 10-inch cone transducers in a vented enclosure provide a wealth of high energy bass. The integrated PMD-3 power supply delivers 1,000 watts for the low frequencies, 1,000 watts for the midrange frequencies, and 500 watts for the highs.

About Sound Ventures
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About WorxAudio Technologies
Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, WorxAudio Technologies has been at the forefront of loudspeaker development for the pro touring and contractor markets for the past twenty-nine years. With a comprehensive lineup of more than twenty loudspeaker models that feature integrated rigging hardware for streamlined installation and pack out, WorxAudio products can be found in prestigious facilities worldwide. For additional information, visit the company online at