Midas Upgrades Heritage Line

The Midas Heritage 4000 console—designed for front-of-house or monitor duties—builds on the Heritage 3000 11/18/2003 7:00 AM Eastern

The Midas Heritage 4000 console—designed for front-of-house ormonitor duties—builds on the Heritage 3000 but adds eight morestereo auxes, for a total of 40 aux sends.

It’s available with 48, 56 or 64 inputs, which can be loadedwith any combination of stereo/mono modules. Inputs feature the XL4Preamp and the H3K EQ; all inputs have direct outs, and there are eightmatrix outputs, which can be picked up from any bus output. Forfamiliarity, the H4000 shares all of the automation, muting and VCAfunctions from the H3000. There are 10 VCAs, 10 mute groups and virtualfader automation on all input and VCA group faders. Mutes are alsounder automated control, and scene storage is split into act and scene,a useful designation for theater users. The H4000 uses the same powersupplies as the H3000, with dual supplies for redundancy. Rentalcompanies will appreciate that H4000 modules can be used in H3000s(although not vice versa).

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