Videosonics Installs Third Neve DFC

London-based film and post-production facility Videosonics has installed its third DFC console, bringing the all-AMS Neve-equipped facility to a total of 20 systems 8/13/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

London-based film and post-production facility Videosonics hasinstalled its third DFC console, bringing the all-AMS Neve-equippedfacility to a total of 20 systems made up of a combination of AMS Nevedigital mixing consoles and AudioFile SC hard disk editors.

Pictured: the DFC console inside Videosonic

With more than 17 years of relying on AMS Neve equipment, managingdirector Dennis Weinrich, commented, "As the leading film mixingconsole in the world, the DFC is the perfect tool for supporting ourmission to provide our clients with the very best. This is our thirdDFC and it is still the best mixing platform there is. The DFC reallyis the film standard that everyone seeks to emulate; the DFC featuresare unbeatable. Now and again, our mixers get sent off to mix on otherconsoles, but when they do, they can't wait to get back to the DFCs atVideosonics.

"The features on the DFC guarantee endless new creativeopportunities for our engineers and therefore our clients," hecontinued. "And by using the film mixing standard, we are assuredautomation compatibility with international film facilities, opening uppossibilities for sharing work with facilities all over the world."

After the installation, the DFC was up-and-running, completing theinternational versions of the French/American production DeadlineBeirut. Following this, Videosonics will resume mixing Foyle'sWar, which was originally started on a Logic 2 and will now betransferred to the DFC.

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