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Articles From This Author


Just Hum a Few Bars

>By now, you've probably come across some appliance or service that recognizes human speech: your cell phone, perhaps, or the customer service call-in line...


Toe to TOE

This month, I'm going to revisit a technology that I think will eventually replace Fibre Channel-based networks and save us all money in the...


Cloak, No Dagger

This month, I'm talking about a controversial subject, the ephemeral rights-management chimera composed of equal parts copy control, cryptography and steganography (hiding information within...


The Long, Slow Burn

This month, celebrates its 2nd anniversaryThank you, thank you very muchand, to placate you loyal readers, I'm revisiting a subject covered back in October


Turn, Turn, Turn Again

Sometimes we each have an opportunity to participate in the proverbial once in a lifetime endeavor. For me, a grand adventure to Canyonlands that...


The Wobblies

Time and again, a predictable process has played itself out across the (bring up the reverb) Grand Canvas of History. Organizations form and become...

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