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by Robert Hanson

Articles From This Author

Live Sound

Lou Reed

Touring in support of his latest releases, The Raven and NYC Man: The Collection, Lou Reed pulled into San Francisco's Warfield theater in June.

Live Sound


Once considered the property of '70s rock history, the concept of the “supergroup” is once again alive and well. Comprising the remaining members of...

Live Sound


Supposedly, this is the most equipment that any band has ever tried to put onstage here, explains Nickelback tour manager/FOH engineer Kevin Zaruk. Standing


Mackie HR624/HRS120

It's no secret that near-field monitoring has its limitations. Creating an accurate listening environment in less-than-ideal surroundings can be a maddening

Live Sound


If there's any act within the current strata of hard rock bands that no one has the guts or ability to rip off, it...

Live Sound


Depeche Mode took to the road last summer, playing sold-out sheds and arenas around the world in support of Exciter, their 13th full-length release....


Trent Reznor

It's truly a rare thing in these times to watch a musician mature. The velocity at which most pop acts are cultivated, marketed and...

Live Sound


Last summer, the sixth incarnation of Ozzy Osbourne's wildly successful Ozzfest tour slithered its way across the country. The main stage lineup included

Live Sound


The band who could do no wrong: There is no question that the summer of 2001 simply belonged to Radiohead. For a few perfect...


Max Graham

Max Graham has quietly spent the last several years as Canada's premier ambassador of dance music. Often compared to other progressive house acts like

Live Sound


Back in the mid-'90s, while we here in the U.S. were still content to pick at the decaying corpse of post-Cobain alt-rock, our European...