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Maureen Droney

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Eric Schilling

Life never gets boring for Eric Schilling. An engineer with a knack for consistently creating polished pop/rock, Schilling is also in demand for the...

News Articles

Justin Niebank

It wasn’t easy to catch up with Justin Niebank. A Nashville-based producer/engineer with a penchant for roots music, Niebank was in the middle of...


Bob Hodas

Hannigan and acoustic analyst Bob Hodas have been friends for many years, making Hodas the obvious choice to help out with tuning the new...


Armin Steiner

Armin Steiner is a self-described survivor, having achieved the kind of career longevity that, in the music business, eludes all but a select few....

Live Sound

Guns n’ Neuroses

The long-awaited third season of The Sopranos debuted March 4, airing back-to-back episodes of the acclaimed HBO series that depicts the complicated life


Frank Filipetti

The Mix Interview…"There are so many exciting techniques and technologies out there. To cut myself off from them would be inexcusable."


David Thoener

MEMOIRS OF A FAMILY MAN These days, you hear David Thoener's mixes everywhere. There's Santana's "Smooth," of course, the blockbuster single that spent


David Darling

It's not surprising that producer David Darling has the kind of cozy, comfortable project studio where musicians immediately feel at home-after all, he