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Steve Harvey is senior content producer for Mix and also contributes to other Future titles. He has worked in the pro audio industry — including as a touring musician, in live production, installed sound, and equipment sales and marketing — since November 1980.

Articles From This Author


NAMM’s Soft Side

The virtualization of production hardware continued apace at the 2011 NAMM Show with the release of new as well as sometimes hard-to-find vintage recording...


A True Story

NASHVILLE, TN—The Shaming of the True, a rock opera by an underappreciated musical talent, Kevin Gilbert, is set for a rerelease soon with a...


BAE Expands Ops

N. HOLLYWOOD, CA—British Audio Engineering (BAE) recently expanded its base of operations, relocating to a commercial building in North Hollywood, CA. Once known as...


Plug-In Masters

Whether they favor an all hardware signal path, work entirely in the box or use some combination of the two, the majority of mastering...


Under A New Moon

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Alex Pizzorni, a Caracas, Venezuela-born DJ and musician who records under the name Merlin Moon, recently completed his sophomore album, Bohemian Side of...


Master of the House

LOS ANGELES, CA—While the digital audio revolution helped launch the project studio business, mastering engineers, with their very specific equipment and acoustical requirements, have...


Old Is New Again

What’s old is new again in the world of plug-ins, as software developers continue to search the vintage equipment racks for popular classic gear...


Record Sales Up, Driven by Digital

During the recent NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) convention, David Bakula, senior VP of entertainment analytics for Nielsen, reported that digital music sales...


Working in The Lab

LOS ANGELES, CA—One potential problem with building a home-based recording studio is that the construction of a soundproofed, trapezoidal room might adversely affect the...


Back To Vinyl

LOS ANGELES, CA—Vinyl records have been enjoying a surge in popularity of late, with Nielsen SoundScan counting 2.8 million units sold in 2010, the...


Passing It Along

For anyone interested in starting or furthering a career in sound recording through formal education, there is no shortage of possibilities, from full-time enrollment...


Plug-In Trends

With so many engineers and musicians now working in the box, there is a ready market for emulations of vintage audio hardware processors as...


Serenity West Now

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Responding to the process by which many types of music are created these days, Serenity West Recording has repurposed Studio B as a...


Going to 11.1

CALABASAS, CA—Producer, engineer and musician Alan Parsons was at the Southern California headquarters of DTS recently, discretely mixing a couple of tracks for playback...


Studio Acoustics

In the studio design and acoustics business, from the smallest project room to the largest multi-room complex, every element interacts; change one design component,...


Kickstarting It Old School

Chicago-based musician, writer and art historian Thomas Negovan is taking old school analog recording to the absolute extreme with his next project, recording to...

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