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Live Sound

Backing Lindsey Buckingham on the Road

Touring keyboardist Brett Tuggle talks touring and loudspeakers.

Burbank, CA (October 16, 2018)—Lindsey Buckingham may be in the news this week as he sues his former Fleetwood Mac bandmates for his ouster earlier this year, but that situation hasn’t prevented him from hitting the road in support of his latest solo collection, Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham, released in early October. The traveling production finds the guitarist backed by a number of musicians, including keyboardist Brett Tuggle, and even Buckingham himself, thanks to various guitar parts he pre-recorded.

Tuggle explained, “He’s doing stuff where he triggers little clips as he plays, so that we don’t need another guitar player—so that it’s his own playing accompanying him. Those tracks are now coming back through a pair of QSC K10.2s, which sit right on either side of his high-end boutique guitar amps. It has made all the difference in terms of us being able to pull off a theater tour with minimum personnel.”

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As it turns out, it was Tuggle himself who brought QSC to Buckingham’s attention: “I turned Lindsey on to the K.2 Series a couple of weeks ago at rehearsal. They turned out to be the total answer for his situation.”

Tuggle, too, has some QSC boxes on-hand over in keyboard world, opting for K10.2 loudspeakers. “The K.2 Series just take the sound to the next level, with even more headroom. I put my Korg Kronos 88LS keyboard and a Roland VG-99 guitar synth through them. I also love the routing flexibility on the K.2s and the ability to save and recall scenes for things like EQ and crossover points right on the little display that’s on the back.”

A fixture of the L.A. music scene for decades—as a guitarist and keyboardist, he toured with Rick Springfield and David Lee Roth in the 1980s, co-writing Roth’s 1988 hit “Just Like Paradise,” and has played with Jimmy Page, Steve Lukather and David Coverdale, and others. Those others would include, well, Fleetwood Mac, for which he’s played keys for since the ’90s.

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Still, he’s not above playing local gigs, and for those, the QSCs come in handy. “The K10.2s are so portable; I pop them into those fitted carrying cases they make, and they’re the perfect keyboard monitors,” he says. “The K.2s weigh almost nothing, so I always bring two so I can play in stereo. I also have the TouchMix-16 digital mixer from QSC, which is killer as the core of P.A. for rehearsals and small-venue gigs. But again, if I’m just showing up as the keyboard player, the inputs on the K10.2 mean I don’t always need it.”

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