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Bose Professional Appears in Dream Hotel

Nashville’s Dream Hotel collaborated with experiential A/V systems integrator Technomedia to outfit the destination with Bose Professional products.

Nashville, TN (February 12, 2020)— Nashville’s experiential upscale Dream Hotel worked with A/V integrator Technomedia and Bose Professional to develop a sonic identity for the destination facility. Throughout the hotel’s 11 dining and entertainment venues as well as common spaces, a variety of Bose Professional products have been employed, including RoomMatch, ShowMatch, FreeSpace DS-series and Panaray speakers, as well as ControlSpace processors and PowerMatch amplifiers.

Bose ControlSpace ESP-880N and ESP-160 processors and a ControlSpace CC-64 Control Center are deployed to select, process and route signals over a Dante network feeding eight PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers and four PowerMatch PM8250N amplifiers driving FreeSpace DS-series flush mount and surface mount speakers, RoomMatch array and utility speakers, ShowMatch subwoofers, Panaray floor arrays and MB210 compact subwoofers – 92 Bose Professional loudspeakers in all. Localized control is facilitated by eight strategically placed Bose Dante 2X2 Wall Plate controllers.

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The main Dream Hotel night club is Dirty Little Secret, which sports RoomMatch RM12060 (120-degree horizontal x 60-degree vertical) DeltaQ full-range array modules. The RoomMatch RM12060 is mated with two ShowMatch SMS118 subwoofers. Four Bose Panaray 620M multi-position floor array monitor loudspeakers adorn the stage. Additionally, side space coverage and fills are handled by eight RoomMatch Utility loudspeakers (one RMU108 and seven RMU208 cabinets), while a pair of FreeSpace DS100 surface mount loudspeakers is mounted outside the entry doors. DSP processing for the system is provided by a Bose ControlSpace ESP-880 processor. Six PowerMatch PM8500N configurable amplifiers – each featuring eight inputs and 4000 W of available output configurable to drive two to eight loads – drive the room’s loudspeakers.

The venue’s Bose system has become a calling card of sorts, as entertainment booking firm EVAmore chose the venue for an event showcasing its artists and its online booking platform specifically due to its Bose audio systems. EVAmore co-founder Channing Moreland noted, “when it came time to choose a venue for our launch event, because of the décor and the Bose PA system, the Dream Hotel’s Dirty Little Secret nightclub was an easy decision. We now use the Bose Professional gear setups at corporate and private events whenever we can. We believe it’s a great, mutually beneficial partnership because music and amplification go hand-in-hand.”

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