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Church Combats Reverb and Slap Echo with GIK Acoustic

More than two-dozen large panels were used to counter reverb and echo in the sanctuary.

Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA, recently upgraded its acoustic configuration to counter persistent reverb and slap echo from the side walls in its sanctuary. The acoustic retrofit involved installation of 25 large (custom size 48 x 78 inches) 242 Acoustic Panels from GIK Acoustics in Guilford of Maine fabric FR701 Straw color. The acoustic panels treat both walls evenly, left and right, to provide a balanced sound field.

According to Carolyn Leggett, Antioch-Lithonia Worship Technology department head, she and her team were introduced to GIK Acoustics by Worship Technology sound tech Vaughn Geathers. GIK personnel visited the sanctuary and provided feedback about how Antioch-Lithonia could accomplish its goals in this acoustic remodel.

Leggett says, “After speaking with GIK Acoustics [Shelly Williams Kuras and Glenn Kuras] about what we were looking for and our needs, they were instructional in recommending what was needed, the look that would enrich our edifice, and recommending what was not needed.

“We followed their recommendations,” Leggett continues. “We can definitely say that the overall sound quality is good. My sound techs have noted a ‘before and after’ difference. Some audience response has also been positive.”

GIK Acoustics 242 Acoustic Panels are designed for use in environments like sanctuaries and houses of worship. The panels’ absorption is broadband, which allows for clarity especially in the frequency range of a voice. Their rigid two-frame system allows the panels to be hung flush against a wall with a built-in air gap.

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