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Live Sound

Green Day Greets Buenos Aires with d&b

A brand-new d&b audiotechnik GSL System covered 37,000 screaming punk fans at Argentina’s Estadio Velex Stadium.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 11, 2018)—When Green Day recently played the Estadio Velez Stadium in Argentina, the band had BALS Buenos Aires Live Shows on hand to provide lighting and sound, the latter tackled with a d&b SL-Series, GSL System large-format PA.

The system was making its South American debut, and was new to both the local crew and Green Day’s audio team, including Kevin Lemoine, the band’s long standing FOH Engineer, and Clark Thomas, System Tech.

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For the sold-out crowd of 37,000, the system sported 14 GSL8s and two GSL12s per side as the main arrays, with 16 J8s as out fills; this was supported by 18 GSL-SUBs and eight V7P front fills, all powered by D80 amplifiers using ArrayProcessing. The new GSL System is now d&b’s flagship, taking over from the J Series.

“This is the best expression of live mixing I have ever encountered.” Lemoine commented. “Now I want to try different microphones on sources because I can actually hear the nuances of them. Different compressors, different pre-amps, and different EQs, because now they can really and honestly be heard. This is a thrilling idea really, and the thought of using the GSL on a daily basis cannot happen fast enough. From someone that is familiar with every major PA system, it’s nice to know what is really the best, and I can’t wait to hear it again.”

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Thomas was happy with the performance, noting, “GSL is the nicest PA I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is truly a full range, high fidelity system. It throws quite far while maintaining tonal balance, and I feel it’ll work wonderfully with any style or content. And I must say, I could not hear any noise coming from the rear of the array when I walked around.”

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