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Mohegan Sun Sets Upon Yamaha

The venerable casino complex’s arena opts for flagship console.

Uncasville, CA (November 6, 2018)—Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT is a regular stop on any arena tour these days, hosting the likes of Justin Timberlake, U2 and Dave Matthews Band and countless others. Not every act that plays the 10,000-seat arena carries its own pro audio gear, however, and for those artists, the venue recently acquired a Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 console purchased through HB Communications in nearby New Haven.

“My decision to go with the RIVAGE PM10 was made before I saw it on any rider,” said Mat Diamond, lead audio technician for entertainment at Mohegan Sun. Key to that decision was using it at a demo. “I was very impressed with the whole direction Yamaha was going with the better sounding mic pres. Also, a huge benefit for me was the Yamaha partnering with outside audio manufacturers like Dan Dugan Designs and Rupert Neve Designs and incorporating their effects directly into the DSP. We had demoed several other desks and after that first RIVAGE demo, I was glad to find that our crew was as excited about the console as I was.”

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While he wanted the venue to go with the RIVAGE before he saw a demand for the desk, interest in the console has since risen, he reported: “We have found that many of the tours coming through Mohegan Sun to perform in the Arena now have Yamaha RIVAGE consoles on their rider.”

It’s not the only Yamaha desk onsite at Mohegan Sun either. “We already own two Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Consoles positioned in the Wolf Den, our live music lounge,” he noted. “When I first started working here, there were already three Yamaha M7CL consoles and a couple of LS9s.” Since then, in addition to two CL consoles in the Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun purchased two Yamaha QL5 and two QL1 mixers to float around the building. “The Dante over Ethernet makes shows in our ballroom very easy. I can patch my console through the infrastructure in the room to the Yamaha Rio rack with no need to run a snake.”

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On a recent stop at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Tom Young, production manager and front of house engineer for Tony Bennett used the casino’s new console. Young said, “having used Yamaha consoles and the RIVAGE PM Series in the past, Mohegan Sun’s sound department has raised the bar on their arena audio system by acquiring the PM10.”

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