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Breaking: Yamaha Launches DM7 Series Live Consoles

With InfoComm just days away, Yamaha has unveiled its new DM7 Series of professional digital mixers for live sound, broadcast and more.

Yamaha DM7 Series Live Consoles
Yamaha DM7 Series Live Consoles

Shizuoka, Japan (June 6, 2023)—With InfoComm just days away, Yamaha has unveiled what will surely be one of the most-visited new product lines on the show floor: its new DM7 Series of professional digital mixers. With an eye towards flexibility and expansion, at launch, the line includes two models—a 120-channel (DM7) and 72-channel (DM7 Compact or DM7C) mixing console—each with an additional control expansion unit (CTL-DM7), for a total of four purchase options, all shipping in August, 2023.

Measuring 793 mm x 564 mm, the DM7 can process 120 input channels and features 32 local inputs, and 16 local outputs. As a smaller desk, the 468 mm x 564 mm DM7 Compact can process 72 channels and has 16 local inputs and 16 local outputs. Both models feature up to 144 in/out Dante networking at 96 kHz, 48 mix, 12 matrix and two stereo busses, and they can be used with the optional Yamaha R Series I/O Racks and a variety of Dante devices.

For those who need to augment either desk’s offerings, the CTL-DM7 control expansion unit provides more tactile encoders and faders for increased flexibility, resulting in what Yamaha is calling a DM7-EX (or DM7-EX Compact) system. In addition to more physical controls, it is bundled with Broadcast and Theatre software packages.

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Drawing from the flagship RIVAGE PM Series, the DM7’s channel strip features the four varieties of channel EQ from the RIVAGE, alongside a new FET Limiter and Diode Bridge Compressor. The order of the EQ and Dynamics 2 signal flow can also be changed. Both the DM7 and DM7C are equipped with 64 channels of Dan Dugan auto-mixing. Also included are a range of Yamaha’s Virtual Circuitry Modeling plug-ins, including the Portico 5033 equalizer and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter, as well as the DaNSe dynamic noise suppressor and Dynamic EQ.

A major new addition to Yamaha’s console repertoire is the series’ Split Mode, which allows the input channels, scenes and mix busses to be divided, letting one DM7 or DM7C function like two separate mixers. Using one console, users can mix Front of House and monitors, FoH and broadcast and so on.

New consoles usually mean a new user interface and the new Yamaha desks are no exception to that rule. Control centers around a pair of 12.1 inch (31 cm) multi-touch screens (one on the DM7 Compact) offering multi-touch operation, while users will also be grabbing physical screen encoders and Yamaha’s typical ‘touch and turn’ knobs. A new, advanced Selected Channel View displays a list of information on individual channels, allowing quick access to parameters, as well as an overview screen for analog mixer-like operation. A histogram display has also been added to the input meters to help manage head amp levels. Also on the desk is a new 7” utility screen, which keeps essential information and functions – such as scene lists, user-defined keys and meters – accessible at all times.

The DM7 will run $29,999.99, while the DM7C will go for $14,999.99; the CTL-DM7 will cost $5,999.99.