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Festival Profile

High Altitude Festival Draws Crowds—And Its PA By Cart

Delivering the PA via horse-drawn cart is just one challenge when it comes to providing sound for Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains festival.

Bulgaria (August 14, 2018)—If you talk about live music in the mountains of Europe, you might picture Julie Andrews running through a field singing “The Sound of Music,” but Bulgaria’s annual Meadows in the Mountains is a radically different story. For starters, there’s more than one person there. In fact, there’s thousands. Then there’s the PA: The festival is so high up that a horse-drawn cart and a small flatbed truck are the only way to get audio gear to the site.

Nonetheless, the four-day festival, high in the Rhodope Mountains that line Bulgaria’s border with Greece, draws thousands to its site outside the small town of Polkovnik Serafimovo. Once there, revelers find a festival comprised of six areas, each featuring an Audio Feed-provided Funktion-One system.

Audio Plus Covers Bangkok’s Transmission Asia

Audio Feed’s Oz Jefferies comments, “MITM is our favorite festival. Nestled up in the Bulgaria mountains above the clouds with no noise restrictions, the festival organizers give us free rein to create the best possible audio experience. Funktion One on every stage allows us to do this; it’s not about volume, it’s about clarity. “

On the Main Stage, four Evolution 6Es were combined with eight F121s and two F101s. Two XTA APA-4E8D and two MC2 Delta 80s provided amplification.

Over on the Sunrise stage a similar set up of four Evolution 6Es, eight F121s and two F101s was used – along with two BR132 bass reflex speakers and an F81 for fill. Amplification was provided by two XTA APA-4E8D, an XTA DP-448 and an MC2 E60.

The Yoga area featured two Funktion-One F101 and BR-118, with MC2 Delta 80 amplification, while the Far Far East space used two Resolution 2, two BR-118s and two F101s, with XTA DP-448, MC2 E4-75 and MC2 E-100 amplification. Elsewhere, the M’Laddins Stage used two F101s and a BR118.

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Despite daily thunderstorms, all systems delivered, though perhaps none more so than the one used on the Lower Pines Stage, which ran 24 hours a day for the full duration of the festival without any breaks. Two Funktion-One Resolution 4TS, six F118 Mk2s and two Resolution 1s were used with an XTA DP-448, MC2 E60 and MC2 E-90. “It’s amazing that we can install a system midday Thursday and it didn’t stop being used until 9.30am on Monday morning,” said Jefferies.

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