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N-Ray Rolls Out at Kassel Festival

SR provider Ambion fielded a beta system of Coda’s new N-Ray line array at the Kulturzelt music festival in Kassel, Germany.

Kassel, Germany (March 9, 2020)—While Coda Audio officially launched its new N-Ray compact line-array system at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, German events production specialist Ambion fielded the system in 2019 for the annual Kulturzelt music festival in Kassel, Germany. Housed inside a circular, Plexiglas venue that accommodates 900 visitors, the event has drawn national and international artists since it was founded in 1987.

Ambion was involved in pre-launch trials of N-Ray, and opted to deploy its beta system. Ambion’s head of audio, Michael Knauf, said afterwards, “I was the sound engineer and front of house babysitter for the festival and it was brilliant. We had no troubles…I can say it was just fantastic! You can be focused on the instruments, not the system, and just do your job with the sound.”

Coda Audio Launches N-Ray at ISE

Ambion used 10 N-Ray with a pair of SCN-F bass extensions per side for the main hangs. In addition, three hangs of three Coda Audio N-APS were used for center and side hangs. Meanwhile, eight SCV-F sensor-controlled subs completed the FOH set up with eight Coda Audio Cue Four for stage monitoring. The system was driven by a half-dozen Coda Audio Linus 14D and six Linus10c amplifiers.

German band Selig appeared at the Kulturzelt festival; its engineer, Lars Luedemann, noted of the new line array, “I had to change my whole mix because the PA system transports all frequencies like I’ve never heard before. Normally I have to work at the bass drum…at the subs or the vocals, but here I had all the EQs flat and it sounded right. It’s a very open system that sounds great, but also very smooth at the same time.”

In the wake of the festival and other uses of the beta system, Ambion ultimately opted to purchase more than a hundred N-Ray pieces from Coda

N-Ray incorporates a 6-inch double diaphragm planar wave driver (DDP), dual 6.5” neodymium low-frequency cone drivers, insta-fit Magnetic Couplers and Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) technology.

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