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Renkus-Heinz Heads To Hamburg

Renkus-Heinz IC Live loudspeakers have been installed in Hamburg's oldest parish church, Hauptkirche St. Petri, founded in the 11th century.

Hamburg, Germany (July 12, 2011)–Renkus-Heinz IC Live loudspeakers have been installed in Hamburg’s oldest parish church, Hauptkirche St. Petri, founded in the 11th century.

The installation was designed and installed by Hamburg-based COBRA Sound Light. COBRA Sound Light engineer and project manager Hendrik Thode explained, “St. Petri church specifically wanted the loudspeakers not to intrude on the architecture. This ruled out flying a system in the sanctuary, and demanded a digitally steerable system because of the dimensions of the large central nave – approximately 25 meters long and 24 meters high inside the central and the side aisles – and the long reverberation time of around 8 seconds. The system needed to deliver direct sound for perfect speech intelligibility to the rearmost pew.”

After a shoot-out with other systems, COBRA sound light installed a system consisting of four Renkus-Heinz ICL-F speakers for the central nave, with a further ICL-F to the right and left in to the sanctuary chamber. “The biggest challenge,” said Thode, “was the numerous pillars, about 1.20 meters in diameter, and the fact that the pulpit extended well into the central nave of the church and acoustically shadowed a large part of the central nave, which we resolved by installing a further ICL-F either side for delays.

“Because the advanced Renkus-Heinz beam steering technology allows us to generate up to four beams per column, the central nave is covered perfectly. Acoustic energy in the remaining room is minimized to the benefit of the overall experience. The IC Live system is small and tight, yet sounds very well-balanced. With its five 6.5″ and three 1.5″ driver units and a frequency range of 80 Hz – 20 kHz it’s well suited for music performances.”

The system is completed by a Yamaha LS9 digital mixer controlled by a simple user interface providing lay volunteers with just four presets to choose from depending on the type of service or event being held, and DPA headsets and Sennheiser wireless transmitters.

Renkus-Heinz, Inc.