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Road-Worthy Gear: New Sound Reinforcement Products, August 2009

JBL CBT Series Line Array Columns The CBT Series passive line array columns feature Constant Beamwidth Technology circuitry, with switchable Broad/Narrow

JBL CBT Series Line Array Columns

The CBT Series passive line array columns feature Constant Beamwidth Technology™ circuitry, with switchable Broad/Narrow mode for mid/long-throw coverage. The 20-inch CBT 50LA uses a straight line of eight 2-inch drivers; the 40-inch CBT 100 LA has 16 2-inch drivers and handles 325-watt continuous. Both accept 70/100-volt or lo-Z inputs. The J-shaped CBT 70J is a 28-inch, two-way coaxial line array with 16 soft-dome tweeters and four high-power 5-inch woofers. A CBT 70JE extension cab doubles its height, adds low-frequency response and extends power handling to 1,000 watts.


Components in the K-Array range from a half-inch to 4 inches deep; models include the Vyper 3-D line arrays, Tornado point-source speakers and the Kobra ultra-slim 3-D line arrays. The KR two-way speakers measure a few inches across, and the KL subs weigh less than 25 pounds. The long-throw KH4 two-way flat-panel line array and medium-throw KH15 two-way ultra-compact line array are self-powered, yet only 6 inches deep. The flyable/stackable KS Series and 85-pound KS4 sub can create a top-quality touring P.A. Class-D amps with onboard DSP, Overbass powered subs and the KM8 stage monitor complete the line.
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Outline Mantas

The Mantas vertical line array from Outline shares the same basic components and characteristics of the company’s Butterfly, but in a compact cabinet capable of 137 dB (or 147 dB from four modules). Mantas features a DPRWG (Double Parabolic Reflective Waveguide) with two 8-inch neodymium mid/woofers and a 3-inch compression driver. The 53-pound enclosure measures just 9.4×30.5×20.5 inches (H×W×D). Mantas was designed as an individual vertical line array, but as it has the same flying points it can also be used along with the Butterfly system to provide wider horizontal coverage (120 degrees) for front-fill and down-fill applications.