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Sight and Sound Sets Colorado Church’s New System

Sight and Sound Technologies replaced an aging sanctuary PA system with a new Martin Audio WPS setup.

Colorado Springs, CO (May 4, 2020) — Sight and Sound Technologies recently designed and installed a new audio system in The Springs Church in Colorado Springs, CO, marking the first installation of a Martin Audio WPS system in the United States.

A modern-styled church, the sanctuary is a 2,000-seat room which gets wider from the stage towards the back corners of the room. Services are centered around an electric band and several vocalists, all of whom were previously heard through an aging left-center-right line array system that was starting to wear out. Sigh and Sound took down the previous system and was able to reuse some boxes in another room.

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In the PA’s place is the new WPS system, which Sight and Sound COO Kris Johnson had heard at a trade show: “It was like the WPM with more beef because of the 8” drivers so we decided to look at those for the sanctuary. When we ran the projections, the system looked amazing so we moved forward with it.”

The system consists of six WPS enclosures a side flown off an I-beam with six CDD8 for front fill mounted across the front lip of the stage, all powered by an iK81 amp with one-box resolution. Johnson explained, “There are two I-beams that run left and right from front to back in the room and they drop pretty low, so we had to be under those beams otherwise we’d hit them with the top speakers. I like where the speakers ended up in the room and in a perfect world, I’d have loved to put the system about two feet higher, but we accomplished our goal: great coverage front to back with very little dB difference.

“In terms of music reproduction, WPS sounds amazing. For weeks, I was getting text messages from their audio technician raving how good and clear the system sounded. That, plus the parishioners love how the services sound with the new system. They’re all smiles.”

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