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VHC Nabs L-Acoustics Kivas and Kilos

Minneapolis, MN (September 7, 2010)--Visual Horizon Communications (VHC) has purchased a new L-Acoustics Kiva/Kilo system.

Minneapolis, MN (September 7, 2010)–Visual Horizon Communications (VHC) has purchased a new L-Acoustics Kiva/Kilo system.

The system is based around 24 Kiva and eight Kilo loudspeaker enclosures, plus four LA4 amplified controllers. According to Paul Smith, head of VHC’s audio department, half of the enclosures now permanently reside in a pair of custom portable towers designed to simplify corporate event productions, while the other 12 Kiva and four Kilo are available for traditional rigging-point use.

“Our new towers, which both feature six Kiva hung below two Kilo, are working out very well for our clients,” says Smith. “We’ve already used them on quite a few high-end corporate productions at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Depot Pavilion and various hotels downtown, and everyone loves the package system because it looks and sounds fabulous. Most of the throws that we’re doing are 100 feet or less, so this setup is perfect for that.

“We previously used dV-Dosc for this type of application; however, since that’s a larger box, we would often end up using fewer of them to minimize expenses for our customers. Now that we have Kiva, we’re able to put more boxes in the room, improving coverage and still keeping the price down, which is great.”

Smith points out that additional low-end augmentation is frequently unnecessary. “Seeing how small these cabinets are, we’re often amazed to find SoundVision showing us that we can run the system without ‘proper’ subs. In fact, with voice being our bread and butter, I will sometimes use L-Acoustics’ Array Morphing tool to scale back a little low-end from even our Kiva/Kilo arrays alone. It’s genuinely impressive how these boxes sound so much bigger than they really are.”

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