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Ableton Live 5.2

Live 5.2 brings native support for Apple’s new Intel-Macs. Live 5.2 will enter beta as soon as the new Intel Core Duo–equipped MacBook Pro is available, and is expected to be released this month.

In addition to the new Intel-Mac support, Live 5.2 will also be released as a free bug-fix update for users running Live 5 on non-Intel Macs or Windows computers.

Live 6, scheduled for release in Q3, will bring—among other features yet to be disclosed—support for multicore/multiprocessor architectures for Windows and Mac OS users. This feature will bring users of Intel Core Duo–equipped Macs another large increase in audio performance, and Windows users will be able to fully employ the speed-up potential of the various available multicore/multiprocessor hardware solutions the market offers.

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