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Adern FleXor Version 3

Adern announces FleXor Version 3, a collection of plug-ins for the SonicCore (CreamWare) Scope Modular3 DSP card system. FleXor V. 3 ships with 500 MB of patches and adds 150 new synthesis and processing components, including oscillators, waveshapers, filters, granular processors, sequencers, modulators and effects.

FleXor modules are designed for audio-rate modulation, and are built using low-level building blocks such as buffers, adders, dividers, multipliers, and so on. Each resulting module is a brand new design with a characteristic sound of its own.

The FleXor 3 FR (Free Running) Oscillator collection features internal waveshaping and anti-aliasing, providing oscillator waveshapes and modulation effects. The Granular collection offers basic building blocks for granular processing that can be combined for complex real-time granular effects. The Shaper collection allows users to shape the waveforms of oscillators and audio signals in real time. The Filter collection comprises more than 30 different filter modules. The Envelope collection features the ability to incorporate LFOs or any external signal as envelope stages. Lastly, the Sequencer collection includes all-new sequencing tools that allow for larger, more complex sequences of notes and parameters; manipulating ramps with waveshapers; and driving sequences with any audio source.

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